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0razor1 08-04-2011 12:17 PM

Have decided to pickup Edifer speakers- I have a spl discount wink.gif
All the prices are pretty comparable , in the 40-50$ range tongue.gif
Price wise , 3060 So which one of these does anyone have had any experience with and/or recommend ?

Total RMS 30W
6.5 inch Subwoofer (14W)
Equipped with 3.5mm stereo and USB input port for thumb drive support

Total RMS 36W
6.5 inch Subwoofer (16W)
P3080M Equipped with
1) 3.5mm stereo and USB input port for thumb drive support
2) Microphone input port allow for Karaoke and microphone capabilities with the volume and EQ control

Total power output: RMS 9W x 2 + 16W x 1
THD + N (testing level): 10%
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
Frequency response: Satellites: 145Hz - 20kHz | Subwoofer: 45Hz - 140kHz
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Input sensitivity: Satellites: 450mV ± 50mV (PC), 650mV ± 50mV (CD), 250 mV ± 50mV (AUX) | Subwoofer: 60mV ± 30mV
Input impedance: 10KΩ

AND lastly..


Total power output: RMS 10W x 2 + 20W x 1
THD + N (testing level): 10%
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
Frequency response: Satellites: 190Hz - 20KHz | Subwoofer: 20Hz - 170Hz
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Input sensitivity: Satellites: 420mV ± 50mV | Subwoofer: 60mV ± 10mV
Input impedance: 10KΩ

This is all thats in stock with the retailer.

SO far, impressions :
the M3200 is good VFM , stylish too .. but not detailed /warm.
The x600 is raw power and detailed.. also , the bass extends into lower frequencies, but looks fugly , to begin with :/
Notice the ample spread over the spectrum!

I like the fact that the 30xxMs can be used with pen drives ^__^ but who really cares, right smile.gif
Th x600 has better audio I suppose , the 3060 is fragile while looking good smile.gif
the 3080 is the most expensive of the lot.. does it warrant a buy ??

+thanks to all those who contribute to the thread!!laugher.gif

0razor1 08-04-2011 07:23 PM

I have 3 hours before I buy this :/

pioneerisloud 08-04-2011 07:28 PM

None of them really reach below 100Hz very well anyway.

But based off the specs and the frequency response graph, the x600 looks to be the best one there. But even that has a SHARP cutoff at around 75Hz. But it already starts dropping off at around 100Hz.

0razor1 08-04-2011 08:39 PM

Instant LIKE!!
TBH , I can't stand those ultra low bass frequencies.. usually exaggerated and muddling on other 2.1 setups .. This way I like what I see.. the sharp drop is more like at 65Hz frown.gif

This should not disappoint me , and is alarmingly cheap!! In India , where things are crap expensive , contrary to popular belief, an AMD HD6950 card ( I just picked one up a fortnight back ) is for 350$ compared to the 220$ in the states..
This works out to just 38$ for me smile.gif
So the X600 it is!

Even though it's the blandest looker of them all../ I'll be taking off the side speaker's covers , should look better, something like this :

BTW , I like somewhat balanced sound..
looking at the frequency response.. this shouldn't be a problem , right ??

Doomtomb 08-10-2011 01:35 PM

Edifier 3080M, it has tweeters. The 3060M does not. That makes a HUGE difference.

0razor1 08-10-2011 01:53 PM

Sorry , a bit late smile.gif
Just picked up the X600 ..
Loving it ..
the highs are exceptionally well rolled off and the only thing lacking IMHO is v.low base.. else they do not disappoint. And they have tweeters, as you mentioned, make a BIG difference.
Same price as the M3200 , but didn't like the mids/ highs on the M3200.. the P3060 was too cheap ( for my liking) and hadn't any speaker grill . a bit of a problem since i live in a hostel, being small , they'd circulate a LOT.

thanks for the inputs though smile.gif
I did boost the 60Hz frequencies from my soundcard mixer, makes things a lot better. Just goes to show a little extension of the frequency response into the ultra-lows would definitely helped. At least till 50Hz.

The P3080M was a shade more expensive, but honestly , it lacked the appeal of a good relatively balanced pair like the x600.

To add, the M3200s LOOK AMAZING in person .. Just wished they had red in stock.. Dislike blue.

Now need to find a good DAC for about 70$ in India = virtually impossible.

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