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wint0nic 10-27-2011 12:08 PM

Battlefield 3 fixes - Wint

1) I have an NVIDIA card and I get mouse lag and delayed input lag, how do I fix it?
In NVIDIA control panel, select max pre rendered frames and select 0.

2) Punkbuster keeps kicking me, what do I do?
Do not use the punk buster from even balance! Use the one that came with the game, and if having issues, click repair, it will replace files that are corrupt and attempt to fix the game, this fixed the you have been kicked by an administrator for me.

3) My game doesn't connect at times and it keeps me out.
Please make sure to forward the proper ports or enable UPNP/DMZ to fix the issue, sometimes router's NAT firewall or windows firewall blocks battlelog/punkbuster from establishing a proper connection causing an issue.

4) My overclock used to be stable but now I crash every 5 minutes? What do I do?
Install the 280.26 drivers, these drivers are rock solid in battlefield and I have no issue with my overclocks whatsoever with these, I had more crashes with the new drivers and they went away with these ones.

5) I have 1.5gb gpu or 3gb gpu but when I am in a vehicle sometimes it keeps me out and the error message says I don't have enough ram, what do I do?
Increase your pagefile 2048 of your system ram, so if you have 6 gygs of ram then select 8096, this seems to fix the issue of not enough ram for the game when exiting some vehicles.

6) Game sometimes crashes without reason, what do I do?
Disable NVIDIA 3D vision, you may also uninstall it if you have no use for it, this fixed the issue for random exits.

7) I disabled 3D vision, and I am still getting random exist, what gives?
If you have MSI afterburner with the OSD ( on screen display), make sure you select stealth mode so it doesn't exit by itself.

8) I have a sandy bridge system and I get a lot of frame spikes, what do I do?
Disable HT in BIOS, NVIDIA is aware of the issue and are working to fix it. Please make sure to disable threaded optimization on nvidia control panel as well for battlefield. Vredit to eduardmc for the HT tweak. You may also try the 280.26 drivers and see if that fixes your issue.

I will be updating this thrwad if I find more issues with the game, but so far this has made my game 100% stable. I hope you guys all benefit from this and if your still having issues post the problem and I will help you figure out what might be causing your game to exist as long as it's not the game itself, most of the time is a simple configuration that we have that are causing issues.

Explicit528 10-27-2011 12:12 PM

Good thread smile.gif

Ovrclck 10-27-2011 12:20 PM

Ill try step 4 tonight. Hopefully it fixes my hard lockups and stutter. Thanks!

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eduardmc 10-27-2011 12:26 PM

Originally Posted by BGKris;15476334 
Ill try step 4 tonight. Hopefully it fixes my hard lockups and stutter. Thanks!

Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk

for stutter disable hyperthreading in bios. Nvidia officially are aware of this problem and the stutter will be fix in next driver apart from some shadow problems. For now HT Off is the only solution.

wint0nic 10-27-2011 12:33 PM

@eduardmc, seems the only ones having HT issues are SB users, I disabled it and saw no difference. Although, once I disabled threaded optimization in control panel of nvidia it did stop some stuttering.

The Mad Mule 10-27-2011 12:36 PM

No problems for me whatsoever. And like, almost half of that stuff in the OP's post doesn't even concern Nvidia exclusively.

LocutusH 10-27-2011 12:38 PM

I have 280.26 since the beta, and get the exact same random crashes as there. I cant play 10 minutes... even in SP campaign the same. However, i can play metro rush, and seine crossing SQDM without ANY crashes all the time...

No overclock here, also no 3d vision.

Btw, i have NO stuttering. Getting rock stable 75-85 fps on all high (cq64), 1920x1200. As long as it doesnt crash...

Tipless 10-27-2011 12:40 PM

question about #6...
does disabling that also disable nvidia surround? probably a dumb question lol

wint0nic 10-27-2011 12:45 PM

@Mule, your right but since I only have NVIDIA I didn't want to bring in ATI users only to find nothing worked for them, that's why I stated only NVIDIA, but in any case some of them would work for AMD/ATi.

Coach Mcguirk 10-27-2011 12:47 PM

BF3 uses Hyper-threading?? I thought that was just a joke.

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