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socketus 12-28-2012 05:22 PM

This is an attempt to LOG a build that I think I may follow thru on. Maybe. Let me expand on that a bit. It all started in late June of this year ohtwelve. I have a decent enuf build in the new Silverstone tj-04 with a 580 and a 2600k - mild oc - with a Noctua nh-d14 ... runs fine, does everyday surf and some gaming - no folding, nuttin like that.

Anyways, I gets the urge to find a new case and play ... and I've been following the Switch 810 thread since ... spring. About which time I run across some vids from CES about the new Azza cases, specifically, the Genesis 9000 - yah that fugly one wink.gif It will hold a 480 and a 240 rad, cool I says. And without any critical thinking coz I got none at the time when it comes to filling up a case with MOAR RADS ! I want the Azza.

Along comes late June, and I see that the Genesis is available so I does it, and here it comes and man is it big and what is up with that one side panel ?!?! That very same week, a gaming buddy asks about me building a water cooled pc .... and I go sure ! why not ? I can only screw up at the worst. So I put a rx360 into it and did it look grand. He later added a gpu waterblock .. he could have done the build !!

But all of this puts the Azza to the sideline, but not before I put a 680 and a 3770k into it with some cheap CM air cooling and play around with it a while. So I get my buddy's Switch 810 w/c build going .... and then I begin to see that there is a new line of CaseLabs cases coming out in the fall.
And its not gonna be the double wide cases neither. I read good things about them, light weight, strong, ease of building, but omigosh ! the complexity of some of the builds in the magnum line.

So the Merlin SM8 is coming thread gets a lot of my attention - I think its beautifully proportioned, and somewhere in the summer, the new Monsta 80mm rads come out, and I so much want to put at least one into that Merlin ... but ach du lieben !! to fit it, it will need the extended top, to my eyes, a hideous addition, ruining the much favored stock figure of the SM8 ... oh woe is me ! Not gonna do it, not at this juncture.

So I go back to being a wretch ... not interested in the Azza anymore .... but I've noticed that the ST10 is coming closer n closer to production ... and finally, the pix are posted, I note the dimensions, the rad clearance and the day brightens !!! 80mm rads with p/p fan setup WILL FIT !!

Here it is .. production has been pushed back due to CL's prototype ? bidness .... mid-December and the M5 is announced for release, and a little more quietly, the ST10 - BoING ! I ordered the black case on the 16th, get notification on the 18th its shipped !!! and its scheduled to be delivered on the 24th !!! HappY Freaking XmaS !

Well I swear I'm jewish or some kind of worry wart, I have a cheap p&s camera ... I wanna do it justice, but a DSLR is so [email protected] ... but I give it up and order up such a cam on the 24th, its here now, the case is here, and I didn't wanna wait to learn the DLSR or charge it up or ... I took SOME PIX OF THE BLACK ST10 !! today even biggrin.gif

I gotta tell ya, I had read about CL's packing - the box had 2" thick foam corner pieces - 2 per corner. And so the box is extra big on those corners - the case is packed flat - there is a top cover piece of cardboard - and the cardboard boxing is very strong&thick - there was a slight tear on one corner, but it was all cushy foam that was showing thru the tear - not that cheap crackable styrofoam, but real live breathing FOAM !!

So its been a long time waiting for such a case - I was convinced that I'd go for the SM5 since it appeared to be the next one out ... but micro-atx ? ... ah/meh/ah. And awayyyy ! we go to the pixtures

Like I said, very light but strong shipping box

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The tear - nothing but FOAM !

27" x 31" x 15" - case itself is 22" x 27" x 11"

Like the pods opening in Alien !

ah ! the case xxl window

the foam has subsided !

Have I told you about that super thick plastic ? man, bisqueen has nuttin on this stuff !

the ST10 unsheathed ! well, ok, not exactly the 2001 moment

oh yah, they put reams of stuffing paper innit

without the stuffin, had enuf over the holidayze, and the casters package

case interior

bottom case interior

upper case interior - no, the case, not the text tongue.gif

doncha luv those suicide doors ? the RIGHT side

Right side panel OFF !

and I gotta tell ya - those 4 mobo tray screws that stay connected when unscrewed - finally, someone besides Corsair has a clue - thank YOU CL !!

Lemme tellya anutter thang - that mobo tray slides out like its greased - beats the Azza by a mile

This is where the lack of light really hurts, and not just for the camera - I need to take this baby outside and see its beauty.

WoW ! thats a big gaping hole at the rear ;-)

Have I told you about how light these aluminum panels are ? They - top and front - pull off ever so easily, but are NOT flimsy.

Even the thumbscrews for the mobo tray are lightweight but solid, and are not the everyday industry standard that you find on MADE IN CHINA cases.

HOLEE KRAPOLA !! I just hit the back page button !!!!! ... sheesh. its all still here. wow. I gotta get a fix for that brain fade tongue.gif

Ok - I've messed up - there's 2 pix left to caption and I think I'm on my last pic. FIXED

And I thought that the NZXT switch top was too easy to pop off !! not that this top popped off, but ok, well it kinda did, but the fasteners - pressure fit - are a genius in applying to a pc case - line up the four posts/fasteners and PRESS. done.

Ok - i'm obviously off the tripod by now, but here's the top inlay - maybe I can learn up on the DSLR and take some closeups, coz this baby is so cool on the details - what the CL crew has fashioned is a case unlike any other - strong, light, modular, look at all them bolt holes on the edges !!
and SUICIDE DOORS !!! we iz cruizing BABEEE !!

And the rubber on the cable mgmt holes or gunnels, grottos, wat are they called ?? GROMMITS ! ...

excellent stiff solid rubber. They do not scrimp on materiel. NOT ONE BIT ... esp compared to the MADE IN CHINA cases.

Do yourself a favor, and save up or BUY A CASELABS NOW !!! made in usa and goranteed to last ... and its modular !!! Amazingly light panels, amazingly simple design that is gonna be so effective.. and how to fill it .. sorta the point of the log, aint it wink.gif

socketus 12-28-2012 05:25 PM

Reason for the name ? that phrase is in the "mimeographed" instructions in the case. I wish. I luvs the smell of mimeo wink.gif
Anyways, till another name can be thot of - help me out ! - Treaded Holes it is.

What am I gonna put into it ? I have no idea. I have an assembled Asus z77 deluxe board with a 680 sc and a 3770k - evga block and mips block - some 20 feet of Masterkleer red 1/2"x3/4" tubing, a whole army - small army - of black Bitspower fittings ... or I could go new ... RIVE or something splashy. I've already thrown the wallet away on the case and camera. Its only money. Right ??

socketus 12-28-2012 05:26 PM

Reserved - coz I can

I've read a great many build logs, well enuf to know I'm a big fan of cpachris's, mandrix's, IT Diva's, and quite few others that fade my brain at the moment. SO I doubt that I'll equal the bill, but i'll log anyways, best I can. And that's my gorantee to you !


NO rom drive in this build


NO ram block - not looking to cover up the Mushkin ridgeback
Fittings - prolly Bitspower matt black - that sort has the biggest collection
Pump - I have the MCP35x2 - may consider a D5 with top - haven't done that before
Res - partial to the Bitspower 250 w/top and pump stand


Case - CaseLabs Merlin ST10
Fans - Cougar fans 120mm x 22 CF-V12H
PSU - Seasonic X-1250 - coz I already have it at a 15% discount/free ship
CPU - i7-3770K
Ram - 4x4 Mushkin Ridgeback - DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200)
GPU block - Koolance NX680
Fan controllers - I have several Lamptron FC5v2 & FCv8
Case accessories - 360 flexbay rad mount - Adjustable short bracket mount - Plate mount for bottom pump - 120.4 drop-in mount
2nd GPU - EVGA GTX 680 4GB


Rad - Monsta 480 - 1 to start
Tubing - Masterkleer UV orange - 2 10' loops
CPU block - Koolance 380i
Mobo block - XSPC block
Monsta 360 rad
CL 120.x3 flexbay rad mount
TFS 120 x 4 dual orange led shrouds


Addiction 12-28-2012 05:31 PM

And he finally joins the club! tongue.gif Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for this, Socketus. I'm in. thumb.gif

socketus 12-28-2012 05:39 PM

Thats just the problem - I aint gots nuttin in mind !! I see a lot of fantastic builds going on and on and on .. hehe, well some, but I get that continuous building becomes a big part fast of whatever you wanna call this hobby shlobby. I mean, i used to build a pc and that was it. Not anymore, I gots to mess with it, well, not lately, but reading is a big part of keeping up with all the products and their potential use. The aftermarket parts bidness has exploded, and it changes fast. And a lot of people want to keep their ideas secret, and I get that, but that means I GOTTA THINK ABOUT IT !! and then actually follow thru, so please do the usual and tell and share - I really have no ideas that I can pin down.

I want it ALL ... you gets the drift. I'm interested to see what happens too biggrin.gif

oh and welcome Addiction - aptly named !

hammerforged 12-28-2012 07:11 PM

In for the rest. Good luck with your build.

PapaP 12-29-2012 04:20 AM

Well I'm gonna follow you here bro. You did a great job on my build.

Mhyles 12-29-2012 05:19 AM

Good job, I'm in for this! smile.gif

mandrix 12-29-2012 06:08 AM

Welcome and good luck!
I don't get the "treaded holes" thing?
Also I don't remember any instructions, if I got some with the case I guess I threw them away. We don't need no stinkin instructions!

So you don't know what board you are going with? Nothing? Blank slate? biggrin.gif

socketus 12-29-2012 11:18 AM

Originally Posted by hammerforged View Post

In for the rest. Good luck with your build.

Thanks hammerforged, I likes the name and all the energy that it connotes biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by PapaP View Post

Well I'm gonna follow you here bro. You did a great job on my build.

thanks ! you harley riding cool dude ! You know I can always use your help & support coz I'm old and blind & deef - almost as bad as yourself wink.gif

Originally Posted by Mhyles View Post

Good job, I'm in for this! smile.gif

Hey Myhles - ooh-la-la ! I certainly am fond of that avatar biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by mandrix View Post

Welcome and good luck!
I don't get the "treaded holes" thing?
Also I don't remember any instructions, if I got some with the case I guess I threw them away. We don't need no stinkin instructions!
So you don't know what board you are going with? Nothing? Blank slate? biggrin.gif

Yes Sir ! I am the proud owner of a blank slate - I have a current build in the Azza that hasn't been fired up under water - Asus z77 deluxe - 3770k cpu - 680 sc card - with a mcp35x2 pump & 10 ft Masterkleer uv Red tubing and a 150mm Bitspower water tank and a whole bunch of black Bitspower fittings. But I have a black case and I'd like to do a build that involves either an Asus Rampage or Maximus - to get away from the blue on black color mix - and that sorta company cries out for a 2011 or x79 board ... and all of its attendant glory, doncha think ?

I'm curious to hear suggestions on the build components. Its not gonna be a cpachris or FatherFuzzy or a lowfat or even, especially, an IT Diva or Mandrix build - but after watching a few other builds, I'm a bit leery of using Crystal Links or Aquaero or fabbing my own sLight board - that all is a wee bit more than I'm comfortable with on a learning curve.

There really isn't that much to consider a build's parts for in this case - I don't fold or Boinc, I game some, and a whole lotta surfing .... do I really need multiple graphics cards ? well of course I do !!! this is a case capable of handling 480 rads and upto an XL-ATX board - which I don't wanna do as it hasn't got much of a track record to go buy. But I do have 2 480 rads already - just not the Monsta rads ... so obviously I do have a bit of a plan - Monsta rads in the case. In a way, your build with the twin 480 rads in a ped is the way to go. With a traditional rad in a p/p setup not in a ped, its a whole different look.
And maybe, that is the deciding factor - you can see most of the rad and the push fans in that kind of setup as opposed to a ped.

Apart from a test bench, I can't think of another way to install and show off such rads - they're either hidden in a pedestal or they're stacked - fans/rad/fans - in a partially obscured manner. Guess I gotta settle with that then. So its dual 480 Monsta rads with at least 2 grafix cards - and I'm not tempted to go AMD on cards neither. I'm fine with the Evga blocks designed by Swiftech. Pricey ...

Question now is - which mobo and which chip ? I'm already thinking that the dual mcp35x pump will be coming over to this build. And with a black case, is WHITE tubing the way to go ? fans - RED ? Aerocool Red LED ? I have a couple in the house. I also have some Cougar orange fans - I've noticed that just about any color fan stands out in a black Caselabs case, especially thru those smexy vents. Which would leave the cpu block ... I can appreciate the CSQ design, esp when frosted ... but depending on the mobo, the block choices - cpu and mobo - are sure to follow. Yeah - I think I'd like to block the mobo.

SO there it is .... a beginning outline of the shape of Treaded Holes - I'll copy or scan the instructions - as soon as I saw that, I knew I had to bring the light o' day to that !

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