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CDA441 01-01-2013 02:25 PM

The Desk

I'm Alexander, 18 years and live in Belgium.
Since i'm sick of watching my cold cathode lights shining everyday in my eyes, i decided to build a desk (with offcourse the feature that i can turn of my ccfls).
Reason why i'm building a desk is because i like working with my pc, unless i have to fix something in it... A desk is a very good solution, because you only have to lift the glass plate, and you don't have to sit on the ground with your pc.
Cable management and airflow are also better in a custom desk, so here it is:

Here's a sketchup model i've made in the beginning of the build.

Asus M5A78L/LE
AMD FX-6100
XFX HD7770
Sharkoon WPM500
2 x 4GB Patriot AMD Entertainment Edition RAM (1333MHz) + 2 x 4GB Geil Enhance Corsa (1333MHz)
Samsung SpinPoint 502HJ 500GB
Maxtor Diamondmax 250GB
LG Flatron W1934S (temporary)

Processor: XSPC Rasa Black (Acetal) waterblock
Pump: X2O 450 12v pump/res
Radiators: RX120 & Magicool Slim Dual 240
Temp: XSPC LCD Display Temp Sensor (wit)
Fan controller: Scythe Kaze Q3.5
Fans: 1x Scythe 120mm Slip Stream Slim & 4x BitFenix Spectre 120mm
Cooling fluid: Feser One Pure/No UV - Clear
Drainport: Enzotech Matt Black Sealing Plug
T-Line connector

I don't have any sponsors, so i have to buy all the components myself.

Since i already have a buildlog on Highflow, i just post some pics here from what i've already done:

Watercooling components:

Scythe Kaze Q 3.5 delivered DOA:

Failed paintjob:

Little overview with the desk painted:

New design/ colorcombination:

Bought a wooden plate that was too small, sawed it in half biggrin.gif


Not too low at all!

Some bubbles...

Controlbox for the CCFL's:


Here's the wiring:

Got the Geil Enhanced Corsa from my brother! (thanks bro!)

Needs more cable management, but is not finished yet:

I've made some shelves (to put some books on, offcourse)

Perfect fit:

Also a new reinforcement plate:

Extra stuff to make the loop look better:

Doesn't it look awesome?


That's all for today folks! More to come! (if my order is going to be delivered...)

Skrillex 01-01-2013 02:34 PM

This is unbelievably epic.


CDA441 01-01-2013 02:36 PM

Thanks! I appreciate it, it's also my first "real" casemod. wink.gif

CDA441 01-23-2013 02:31 AM


The graphics card and PSU arrived!
XFX HD7770

Sharkoon WPM 500

Put it all together:

Cable management is not optimal...

Close up from the card

Then, the postman came with another delivery

Desk waiting for glass plate

3Dmark Vantage score

This is how i've made a molex extension cable

Scraping off the old isolation

Makes a lot of tiny sticky pieces

New paintjob for the riser

Glass plate arrived

New monitor (Samsung T240)


This looked a bit boring

Some faux leather around it then

Hukkel 01-23-2013 05:51 AM

Don't be upset but this is a bit of a ghetto mod biggrin.gif
I mean you have so many different colours, so many things to either hide or change colour of.

Don't get me wrong, you built a desk pc with your own hands which is respectfull. But I think you can make it even better if you put in some more money and time.

CDA441 01-23-2013 07:33 AM

Yes it's a ghetto mod, actually it's a deskmod on a really small budget.
I need to sleeve some of the cables, but now i'm out of money for modding. It's time to save up a bit before modding again smile.gif

sabawhite 08-29-2014 10:25 AM

Hi This Is Awesome tongue.gif i plan on Making something similar so may i ask how far back does it go width wise tongue.gif thanks

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