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NewUser16 02-21-2020 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by jsutter71 (Post 28338150)
You know I totally respect your opinion but, you know theirs always gonna be a but :D I recently had the same conversation with a friend who was new to hard tubing and was dead set on acrylic. Like you I have also used both and after weighing the pros and cons made petg my choice in tubing. It’s like ford vs chevy. People tend to have strong opinions towards their choice. Even so, while I Personally don’t think I fall into the strong opinion category per se, I wouldn’t suggest acrylic to anyone who hasn’t mastered their bending skills. Unless they were only using straight tubing with angled adapters. Just my 2 cents.

Pics of my last build which ran 3 years with petg and never had any issues.

Fair enough I can appreciate your input.

Year ago I ordered # of Bitspower's clear 16mmOD acrylic tubing and I've been asked if I want to try their clear PETG I was reluctant because deep in my mind I knew I would never use it so why waste someones effort, but I said sure, why not, my reasoning was I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

Right of the bat I didn't even like the cheap feel in my hands, It also sounded like a cracked ping pong and If you ever play pin pong and cracked one you would know what I'm talking about, hard to describe opposed to good acrylic that have solid hard texture and nice feel and sound to it and if anyone would say they feel the same..phhh.

Keep in mind, and this is only my "strong" opinion :) but the way I see it, you could give me miles of free PETG and I would never used them, no one would convince me otherwise.

In fact, my nephew who was using flex tubing for a while and was in transition of switching to hard tubing got PETG and although, he admitted that the material was quick to melt, he even felt to quick, he though he was holding old crusty flex tubing, he didn't like it period... and I'm not just saying that, he didn't even want to proceed and further, he ordered Monsoons acrylic and never looked back and I wasn't even part of his decision I didn't know until afterword.

If you look at one of the Jaztwocents videos, probably from month-two months ago when he was building his new PC, he even mentions PETG and that he will not use it because it felt and he didn't say it directly, but indirectly, but his opinion was that It felt cheap.

Also, If you look on the subject of petg being cheap, in some cases when temperature of liquid gets to high, petg will melt or deform, especially where the tubs are clamped.

PETG was developed to help inpatient and not so handy people with transition of bending and switching to hard tubing a bit more easier and less frustrating, but when comes to choice for high quality WC systems, there is no mistake that acrylic is the way to go, why you think a lot of people going glass these days, its step up from acrylic and that leaves petg at the bottom of choice for a true enthusiasts and users who will appreciate the quality:)

Its personal preference and how you will feel knowing you have installed one or the other, If you can be happy and not look back and have no regrets Its win-win.

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