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Rainmaker91 05-22-2014 12:49 PM

Earlier this year I created my own fastening bracket to fit an Asetek closed loop cooler to my Radeon HD 7950. I did my best at the time and even though it works perfectly I don't really like the look of it. This was not exactly a problem when I had a solid door on my Nanoxia Deep Silence 1, but now that I recently changed it for a door with a window in it it is more of a problem.

Thus I started working on a nicer looking bracket and even though my original bracket was made of aluminum I figured I would make this one out of some scrap acrylic I have laying around (Easier to shape and easier to make look good).

Here is the initial design:

A rough presentation of the look:

The bracket will be painted flat black on clear acrylic and I will do it so that I mask away a pattern that will end up showing clear acrylic when I'm done.

The little "flap" will have this design and will be made in the same way as the main bracket

So what do you think? I would gladly take some pointers on the design before I start making the thing.

0493mike 05-22-2014 05:31 PM

I think it looks awesome. Really eye catching, and if you could put a couple of led's in. Like maybe drill a hole at the trunk of the tree, do you think the light would flow up the branches. I dont know anything about lighting effects, just if it would follow the clear pattern I think it will look great. Nice bracket and a real good idea.

Rainmaker91 05-22-2014 05:47 PM

yeah that was the plan, I'm measuring parts at the moment so I will probably revisit the concept after I get accurate measurements. The LED's will actually glow brightest in frosted acrylic so I might end up frosting it (will make it easier to prep to), but I don't know yet. I will do a couple of trial paintings and so on to see how it will look.

Edit: I got a lot of new parts today thought that will hopefully keep this thing as silent as possible (hopefully living up to the name)

Rainmaker91 05-24-2014 07:41 AM

I figured I would come with a small update since I started on the bracket. I started out masking the pattern that I wanted, but I can see now that there is several other things I should have done before such as finishing up the shape of it. I have gotten so far now that I'm going to try and work with what I have rather then start all over again, because it takes forever to cut the masking tape in the shape I want it to for the pattern.

Anyway... here is a small progress picture, and if I'm lucky I will finish with masking by today and I can start shaping and painting it.

richie_2010 05-24-2014 07:49 AM

That looks cool bud

Keep up the work

0493mike 05-24-2014 06:48 PM

Thats pretty fine detail work. I'll bet it take's a lot of time. Looking good.

Rainmaker91 05-24-2014 07:22 PM

yeah I finished with the front side, and I painted a couple of coats to see if my masking is good enough. I will know for certain tomorrow and I will start shaping it then, I will also modify my backplate by then to but I am uncertain of what pattern I will use on that one.

I do have a plan b and a plan c that I can use but I do hope my first attempt will prove to be successful. I will upload some more pictures tomorrow with the result (or rather later today).I wanted to ask you all of what you think I should do with my backplate designs, although they are not strictly my designs I figure I can use them since it's for a personal project. The backplate will be decorated by the use of clear polyester labels that I will print out when I'm closing to the end.

The first design will be a simple printout from the design here:

and the second will be a modified version that will only show the darkest areas while the rest will be transparent so that you can see the aluminum surface underneath (I will sand it down and polish it). Like this:

I will print out both eventually and check which one looks best but I figure some input might not be bad.

closestnum20 05-24-2014 11:30 PM

nice bracket so far i really like what your doing keep up the good work! thumb.gif i just swang buy from red mod post

Rainmaker91 05-25-2014 10:54 AM

after a test fitting I settled on the transparent one, and if I may say so it looks beautiful.

Here is the Alphacool back plate that I got, it almost makes me sad to modify such a nice back plate:

I removed the paint and laser etching with sandpaper and that revealed the nice aluminium surface that you see here (I finished it up with finer grit paper to get a smoother finish). I also added another hole for fitting to my particular card:

and here is the finished product, I really like the end result of it:

closestnum20 05-25-2014 02:08 PM

lookin good thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif

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