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DeathAngel74 09-10-2015 08:27 AM

These firmware files are intended for the EVGA GTX 970 SSC Gaming ACX 2.0/2.0+, FTW+ 2.0+.

The following card SKUS are supported:

SSC+ - (04G-P4-3975-KR) and FTW+ - (04G-P4-3978-KR)
Best Buy Exclusive SKUS: SC - (04G-P4-3979-KB) and SSC+ - (04g-P4-3979-KF).

I do recommend you have at least a 600W+ PSU before attempting to use these firmware files. The fan profile has been reverted back to stock per request of a few members. Thanks to blaze2210 for sharing his fan curve settings and continued modifications to the 3979-KB specifically.

Please backup the firmware for your card and keep it somewhere safe, before attempting to flash my modified firmware. As long as you can flash back to the original for warranty and rma purposes you will not void your warranty as per eVGA. You will however void your warranty by flashing the wrong firmware for your card, flashing my firmware and not having integrated gfx to recover from a bad flash, resulting in a bricked card. Please google proper backup, flashing and firmware modification procedures before attempting to flash my modified firmware. Better safe than sorry. Flash at your own risk.

Thanks for testing. Happy flashing and enjoy!!!

Thanks go out to zoson, Cyclops, djthrottleboi, jonny30bass, joedirt and Laithan for all their hard work here at OCN and advice during the evolution of these firmware files !!!! Also, to blaze2210 and everyone else for testing. Thank you Vellinious and Mr-Dark for your contributions. Thanks to lightsout, swddeluxx and FPSkillerPC for stock roms for the 3975-KR and 3978-KR. Thanks Laithan for helping with the latest test rom.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Latest BB 3979-KB roms:

3979-KB_1506.5Mhz_1.212V_220W-bios_rev_84. 136k .zip file

3979-KB_1506.5Mhz_1.212V_220W-bios_rev_84. 136k .zip file

Warning! The following rom files are only for the Best Buy FallOut4 Special Edition 3979-KF card. Do not flash this rom if you have the old Best Buy 3979-KB card.

Stock_3979-KF_bios_rev_84. 136k .zip file

Latest BB 3979-KF roms:
EVGA.GTX970_SSC_ACX2.0_1532_8002mhz_1.243v-250w_84.04.36.00.zip 136k .zip file

I had some issues with SW BF crashing. This was my solution!
experimental_1506.5_8000MHz_1.243v_288w-v2.zip 136k .zip file
Been using this all day.
1506.5/8000 288W 1.243v
Games tested:
Star Wars Battlefront
Witcher III Wild Hunt
Batman Arkham Knight Sorry for the typo in the filename.

Latest 3975-KR rom
3975-KR_stock_84. 136k .zip file
3975-KR_1506.5_8000_1.243v_250w_84. 136k .zip file Thanks lightsout

04G-P4-3978-KR BIOS (FTW+) roms. There are two different roms, as I just found that there are 2 revisions so far. Please check your firmware before downloading to insure you have flashed the correct firmware for your card! Otherwise, you will end up with a $370 paperweight!

3978-KR_stock_84. 136k .zip file

3978-kr__slave_stock.zip 136k .zip file firmware revision
3978-kr_1506.5_8000MHz_1.275v_300w.zip 136k .zip file firmware revision
3978-KR_970_FTW_Plus_1507_8000_1.281v_300w_84. 136k .zip file Thanks swddeluxx

3978-KR_970_FTW_Plus_1507_8000_1.281v_300v_84. 136k .zip file
Latest test roms:
3978-KR_84. 136k .zip file
3978-KR_84. 136k .zip file
3975-KR_84. 136k .zip file
BB Fallout 4 SSC+
3979-KF_84. 136k .zip file
Reset all overclocking software to defaults and set not to start with Windows. Everything is controlled by the firmware and shouldn't throttle unless using FurMark. (not recommended)

Brought to you by Laithan and DeathAngel74
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

1531.5/8002Mhz 1.243V 201-250W

blaze2210 09-10-2015 05:23 PM

Works pretty well, and stays at decent temps. Though I did hit a snag in part 19 of the Heaven bench, the screen went black and the frames dropped.

DeathAngel74 09-10-2015 05:27 PM

Does it happens every time? Could you run heaven and see if the frames drop in the same place? Thanks for testing.

blaze2210 09-10-2015 05:36 PM

Originally Posted by DeathAngel74 View Post

Does it happens every time? Could you run heaven and see if the frames drop in the same place? Thanks for testing.

It looks like there's a drop each time I pass through that part, though the couple of other times I've gone through I haven't seen as drastic of a drop. But looking at this screen of GPU-Z, you can see the first big drop in the GPU load, which is while I was running the benchmark. Then I stopped the benchmark and just skipped back to part 19 again (night part, going up the brick stairs), and you can see the other drops. Weird, since this time, it didn't drop long enough to trigger the "Util" Perfcap Reason.

DeathAngel74 09-10-2015 05:39 PM

Does firestrike pass ok? I had the same thing happen once, with just util perf cap.

blaze2210 09-10-2015 05:43 PM

Installing 3dMark as we speak. It's funny though, you can look at the GPU Load and see each time that I passed through part 19 in the Heaven bench. In the last run, I just skipped back to it a bunch of times. biggrin.gif

UPDATE: The driver crashed at the end of the demo, but made it through the rest of the Firestrike bench.

Ignore my "need to update" messages....

DeathAngel74 09-10-2015 06:06 PM

Maybe its the driver? Im using 355.85. Thank you for testing.

blaze2210 09-10-2015 06:22 PM

No worries! I'm on 355.82, and I haven't had any issues so far with this driver. I just flashed back to a different BIOS and got through Firestrike without a hitch. I'm thinking it might be tied in with the minimum voltages, since the crash happened while my card was approaching idle/ a low load. So bumping up the minimum voltages past clock step 54-ish (was 64 with my settings) or so should work out, I think.

Check out the BIOS that I'm currently using, the Power Table is mainly based on your settings from a previous BIOS, and a lot of the voltages have received a bump. It's limited to 1506/8002, but it pulled in a few more points in the Firestrike bench.

Again, ignore the update messages - I'll update 3dMark in my time, not theirs. tongue.gif

Here's a copy of the BIOS I'm currently running:
Blaze-1506.8002-StockFan.zip 136k .zip file

DeathAngel74 09-10-2015 07:42 PM

Updated OP with newer bios version. Thanks blaze!

blaze2210 09-10-2015 08:04 PM

No problem! I should be able to test out the new one tonight. It'll be a little bit though, watching a movie and eating right now. So it looks like we might have 2 versions of a stable 1506/8002 vBIOS: one with Boost, and one without. thumb.gif

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