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Mountain King 11-06-2015 08:33 AM

As there is no Owners Thread, thought I'd start this up.

I'll be logging a high performance workstation build over the coming months


ASUS drivers and tools

(C) https://grabcad.com/ewashbrook-1

one of the few builds i have found

wirk 11-07-2015 12:30 AM

What are the target loads for the workstation? Which processors will be used? How much RAM? How about graphics? Will the loads be able to utilize all cores/threads?

Mountain King 11-07-2015 12:54 AM

Hi Wirk
I use ERDAS software to process large satellite imagery. Individual files go in too the Gbs of size, when manipulating them the RAM requirement can go through 10's of Gb so I'm looking to start with 4 32Gb Samsung RAM chips, later upgrading to 8. Maybe 16...

The ERDAS software supports DP rigs and utilises them well apparently
M.2 OS and programs SSD
PCIe SSD storage, Intel 750, would love the new Samsung enterprise ones for its built in RAID ability and speed, is basically two 800Gb SSDs side by side
Couple of Tb hard disks for non operational work, all data being worked on gets moved to the PCIe SSD for processing

Nvidea Quadra 5000 card, only one screen, will be a 34" ultra wide,.
A GPU will be considered but at a later date, Tesla, not pHi
Not completely sure on the processors yet, need to confirm cores-threads-speed
Build price around 10k

Mountain King 11-27-2015 01:29 AM

I would be interested in hearing peoples views as to which PCIe slot you'd use for the following:

Nvidea Tesla
Intel 750 SSD-PCIe

Slots 2, 4, 5, & 6 are x16
only the Quadra and Tesla, both dual width need x16, the Intel 750 works at x8 rate.

I'm thinking:

Slot 1 - Intel PCIe 750

Slot 2 - Quadra 5000

Slot 3 - N/A due to Quadra

Slot 4 - Keep for 2nd Quadra if necessary

Slot 5 - N/A due to 2nd Quadra

Slot 6 - Nvidea Tesla

Is important to utilise both CPU's as effectively as possible and i think this would be the best way?
or does it make absolutly no difference one way or the other?....

hard to read sorry, but slot order in above image is:

Slot 2 Slot 1
Slot 3 Slot 5
Slot 4 Slot 6

Caselabs SMA8 has an 8 slot capacity so slot 6 can accept a dual width card

Mountain King 11-28-2015 07:17 AM

So this is the basic layout of the SMA8 case and water cooling.

I'll be using a Monsoon reservoir and hardlock fittings.

I'd like to get a water cooler for the Chipset and Mossfets, but to date they are not available? The Quadra Card will be cooled from an AOI system installed in the top of the case, not shown in the diagram

1 - temperature probe
2 - light source
3 - bulk head fitting

Bazoozoo 12-02-2015 08:35 PM

I have ASUS Z10PE-D16 with double E5-2690 v3 Xeons and 16 x 8GB Samsung DDR4 2133 Memory.
The thing is - memory is not being recognized as 2133, system sees it as 1866.
I've checked BIOS settings and found only "Maximum memory frequency". Changing it to 2133 doesn't have any effect - memory is still being recognized as 1866
Any ideas how to fix it?

wyssn 06-01-2016 09:55 AM

Here's mine:


retrogamer999 06-25-2016 03:13 PM

Hi All

Just got mine the other day. had to mod my 750D to get it to fit but its all in and working like a charm.

I do have one issue though and I don't know if its just me.

At the moment I am using the built in graphics. there is a jumper that disables the onboard but when I boot I get no output from my graphics card. for the moment I am using a GTX210. PCI-E slot 1 doesn't even detect it. but 2 does but on boot I get no BIOS output.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Usman

ScratchyBollix 07-01-2016 05:33 PM

Disappointing that this thread is so quiet, on the face of things its an awesome board. Mine arrives next week.

retrogamer999 07-06-2016 11:57 PM

Yeah it is a shame but at £400 not many people are going to have it.

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