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Dasa 09-13-2016 02:56 PM

Test System
3770k -- 6700k
Asus Maximus V Gene Z77-- Asus Maximus VIII Gene Z170
Samsung DDR3-1600c11 2x4GB 1.35v dual sided -- G.Skill DDR4-3200c14 2x8GB single sided
EVGA GTX1070 SC (OC=+75 core +750 mem +112 powertune use on all tests)
64g Samsung 830, 1tb Sandisk ultra II, 3tb WD green
Seasonic XP 1050 < tad overkill for the current system which has topped out at 306w from the wall
Silverstone TJ08-EW
Swiftech Apogee drive II
200mm Phobya rad + Silverstone Air Penetrator AP181
EK VGA Supreme HF

Average fps in fallout 4 are not perfectly accurate im afraid due to it being a short run with low fps at the start and high fps at the end if i was a second out starting\stopping the test it could throw the results a bit but the minimum seem very consistent

For arma 3 i used a stratis time demo average fps are nice and consistent but the minimum were very random so i left them out

R6 your typical gpu bottlnecked game most ram reviews use here you can see the 3770k at stock with the gtx1070 oc is faster than the 6700k oc with stock gtx1070
R6 had the gpu pegged at 100% load while arma stayed well under being cpu bottlnecked

lightroom also sees over 20% improvement from higher ram speeds when exporting but only ~10% when rendering previews

time taken to export 150 24mp .nef to jpeg
2133c15 3:20
3200c14 2:50
3866c16 2:39

time taken to build 150 24mp 1:1 previews
2133c15 6:03
3200c14 5:33
3866c16 5:23

XTU, AIDA64, Timings

[email protected] 2133c9 1.5v

[email protected] SPD-2133c15 Single channel

[email protected] SPD-2133c15

[email protected] core 4.2GHz cache SPD-2133c15

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache SPD-2133c15

[email protected] 3866c16 t1 1.4v

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache XMP-3200c14

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 3000c12 t1 1.42v (unstable)

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 3866c16 t1 1.4v

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 4000c17 t2 1.4v

TheReciever 09-13-2016 04:20 PM

Thanks for sharing.

Gives me an idea of what to look forward to if/when I upgrade to the i7 3770k, though I still do quite ok with the 2500k @ 4.8Ghz

Melan 09-14-2016 08:11 AM

Good to know. I'm still using 3770K at 4.5ghz for now, waiting for zen to show what it can do before retiring old gear. Skylake was kind of attracting my attention but it's too late to upgrade now imo.

Cakewalk_S 09-14-2016 08:40 AM

I thought all this time my 4.5ghz 2500k would last me another 2 years till I started doing more and more research into sky lake and the 6700k...now I really believe that the upgrade was worth it. Incredible performance and I'm Killin it in even single core performance over a 2500k @ 4.5ghz...

Dasa 09-16-2016 04:05 PM

saved a bit of other data with afterburner when runing these tests not sure if any of it is of interest
for example this is a run through fallout 4 on the 3770k

rired48 11-19-2016 01:20 PM

I just finished a new Mini-ITX form factor build in one of the smallest, coolest looking cases I've ever had... the aluminum, Lian-Li made Ncase M1 v5.

Asus Z170i Pro Gaming MB
Noctua C14 HSF
nVidia 1080-FE
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 (2x8GB)... problem...
Corsair SF600 PS
2 Vardar 120mm fans exhausting out on side panel
M-Audio AV40 (2.0, powered) speakers
Seenheiser PC360 headset

I can only get one stick of the above memory to run, so I'm running single-channel now, unfortunately. I also have 2 sticks of Corsair -3000Hz I will try. I'm thinking I have to raise the voltage just a bit. If that's not it, then that memory slot could be bad or that memory stick. It's amazing how fast this rig is in Battlefield 1, even with single-channel memory.

It was a difficult build for me... extremely tight quarters for everything to fit.

Any thoughts on the memory situation?

Xuper 01-18-2017 06:03 AM

so according to Test , best Spot is DDR4 3000 with Cl 12 but unstable.So DDR4 3400 CL 14?

hanzy 01-18-2017 06:27 AM

Thanks for taking the time to do this.
I was /am on the fence upgrading my 4770k which is stuck at 4.2 stable to a 7700k.
My MSI M Power Max Z87 board is starting to get a little flaky, but it is still usable.
Most reviews were only showing a ~2-10 FPS gain. I had a feeling with high clocks and some fast DDR4 the gain could be much more.
Zen, Vega, 1080Ti are so close though I may as well wait a few more months. I got money burning a hole in my pocket right now though!

Dasa 01-19-2017 03:41 PM

Originally Posted by Xuper View Post

so according to Test , best Spot is DDR4 3000 with Cl 12 but unstable.So DDR4 3400 CL 14?
whats the best spot to you?
for me its whatever gives the highest stable speed in the end and after extended testing it was 3866 16-16-16 2t 1.425v
the sweat spot is likely to change from one ram kit to the next as some may handle higher frequencies better than lower latency and vise versa

Mikeg1 02-04-2017 02:11 AM

Trying to match or exceed you lol Arma is life. What version Aida are you using ?

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