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WolfssFang 09-19-2016 12:56 PM

As someone who works in a warehouse that only stocks/ships toners/cartridges this is nothing new. I would say about 85% of our warehouse floor is just for HP toners alone. HP came out with a new looking box design for all toners around 2008. Even though the previous boxes (2004-2007) are the exact same toners some HP printers will reject them just because of the date.

Off-topic but before working at my current job I had no idea that some toner sets could go for a couple thousand :O

mtcn77 09-19-2016 01:30 PM

That innovation is very important. People don't understand how "reproducible" printers are with evidence. I'd say they are more confidential than your own hand writing in a court of law. For what its worth, they are super cheap for the security they provide and trust me you will know when your life is on the line that your printer saved you. If ink turns invisible: you are in big trouble, my friend.biggrin.gif

bucdan 09-19-2016 01:31 PM

Once they do this to toner, I will say eff you too since we buy 3rd party toner to save money; it's not worth $250 per black toner when I can spend $70 for it and get just as many pages. Trying to get my company to transition to Canon imagerunners From HP Color Laserjets

Toner prices are as big of a scam as inkjets are and I hope Remanufactured cartridge companies live a long life. I have a favorite seller with the letters 'LD' in it. Rock solid.

I'm surprised there are some people here that support this tactic.

EDIT: What's up with the Inquier blocking ad blockers? I guess this is the new way to combat ad blockers? Feels like the episode from south park.

Renegadesl1 09-19-2016 01:46 PM

So am I the only one still using a good old Panasonic Dot Matrix, color ribbon and all?

That bad boy has been running since 91.... Man I am old.

GoLDii3 09-19-2016 01:54 PM

"HP is buying Samsung's printer business to disrupt the copier industry"

Particle 09-19-2016 02:26 PM

Originally Posted by Snakecharmed View Post

Consumers need to dump inkjets altogether unless they need photo-quality prints. Even then, I'm not so sure that I wouldn't just send the images off to a reliable third party for printing.

As someone who works in that industry, I can quite plainly state that inkjet printers do not produce output comparable to proper silver halide printer output.

BinaryBummer 09-19-2016 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by Crazy9000 View Post

This is why I only buy Brother printers, and make sure my work does too.

Same here!

I have owned a few brothers and the last two I sold cause I didn't use them enough. The main thing i found with Lasers is don't buy those refilled cartridges. I am on my 5th high yield black and on the original drum. Keep it clean and maintain.

LancerVI 09-19-2016 04:56 PM

I bought an Epson Eco SuperTank Printer. Works great and tons of ink. Decent photo print too.

This thing prints and prints and prints and the ink just lasts!

Expensive upfront cost, but totally worth it after about a year of kids and wife printing on it.

wilykat 09-19-2016 06:10 PM

Geez last year I was looking at replacement printer. It came down to either HP 8600 or an Epson printer, wide format and scanner was needed. Glad I went with Epson.

It is going to really suck for stores and vendor that sells 3rd party ink carts, all those returns to handle. Especially stores that have no refund policy, they will quickly find out they can't offer straight exchange because even new and sealed 3rd party carts won't work anyway and customers who buys cheap ink will not pony up extra money to "upgrade" to genuine HP ink carts. RIP Staples and Office Max/Depot customer service...

Also I can see eBay sellers going down very fast! Bye-bye cheap ink, bye bye CIS kit, bye-bye long time eBay sellers who suddenly have to eat returned non-working carts and returned shipping cost. Plus the inevitable flood of "doesn't work" negs that can ruin the rating and lower the seller's rating to more restricted and expensive fees or even banned from selling.
Originally Posted by bucdan View Post

EDIT: What's up with the Inquier blocking ad blockers? I guess this is the new way to combat ad blockers? Feels like the episode from south park.

Some browser has option to blacklist or whitelist javascript by site. If I find a site that refuses to work because of ad blocker, I blacklist the javascript support and it works without blocking the content. Just add www.theinquirer.net to the list.

I don't block because of annoying ads like many people, I block because virus can get through and trying to get compensated for viral infection through compromised ad server is next to impossible so I just block em. If a site wants me to whitelist them and allow ads through, they will need to front $500 to cover cleanup. The remainder will be refunded the day I can't use internet or when a way is found to permanently block all kinds of virus from getting through internet.

TheN00bBuilder 09-19-2016 06:36 PM

Ehh, I like Dell printers. HP does suck and I have a Photo"smart" C6300, but my $10 thrift shop Dell V515W works great. A little wasteful on ink, yes, but when its only $3 for black and $5 for color, I don't mind paying. Still using the original carts that came with it in the thrift store.

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