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tictoc 12-27-2016 09:39 AM


Team BOINC is a dedicated group of BOINC crunchers who have come together to bring their computing power to Stanford's [email protected] project.  
Having mastered the ways of BOINC we are here to show the rest of the folders what we can do when we're not busy, mapping the galaxy, finding massive prime numbers, or looking for cures to some of the worlds most devastating diseases.  
Thanks for joining Team BOINC! Now let's start folding!!!
Running from February 13th-20th, the Folding Forum War is an event that pits various teams against each other to see who are the top folders on OCN. 
  • If you already have your own folding name and passkey, and you are on the OCN folding team, then all you have to do is sign up for Team BOINC and fold away. 


  • If you do not have a folding account you can either make a new account (be sure to fold 10 SMP WU's before the start of the event, so that you will get bonus points)

         or you can use the Team BOINC folding account and passkey:


     Team Folding name: OCN_BOINC (name is case sensitive)

     Passkey: 08b71a6122436bbed672e2c43c7f9d9c

     Team Number: 37726


     **Note** If you use the team name, you will need to provide proof to qualify for prizes. Check the "How do I win?" section of the main thread here.

Individual Team Member Stats:
User Final
BeerCan 102,735,366
4thKor 49,227,037
BigBlock990 33,250,972
Egilman 20,525,469
tictoc 19,606,418
Tex1954 19,542,060
mmonnin 16,665,741
emoga 8,693,521
Simmons572 9.242.077
McPaste 8,870,480
Diffident 6,242,864
bfromcolo 5,892,999
WhiteWulfe 4,632,936
spdaimon 2,094,927
fragamemnon 2,673,566
Wheezo 2,268,431
Finrond 2,086,136
Diablosbud 1,689,460
Deedaz 1,404,030
Genesis1984 957,110
SuperSluether 705,622
Chowtyme2 86,184
riellycooperr 46,537
If you need any help setting up and optimizing the folding client, post in the thread, or shoot me a PM, and I would be glad to help. 
Team Avatar:



Sig Link:


[CENTER][B]:typer:[URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/1619396/2017-forum-folding-war-team-boinc/0_50]|Join Team BOINC from Feb 13th-20th for the 2017 Forum Folding War|[/URL]:typer:[/B][/CENTER]

tictoc 01-04-2017 07:11 PM

Team BOINC is back for the 2017 FFW.  :D


Once the sign-ups are live I will summon the rest of my fellow crunchers.  :)

WhiteWulfe 01-10-2017 03:18 PM

Bumping the thread because the logo is nice.

mmonnin 01-10-2017 07:17 PM

Still can't sign up. frown.gif

tictoc 01-10-2017 07:19 PM

Originally Posted by WhiteWulfe View Post

Bumping the thread because the logo is nice.


Thank you. :D


Once the sign-ups are live, my next post will be a call to arms to all the crunchers. :D 

axipher 01-15-2017 02:56 PM

Sign-ups are open: http://folding.axihub.ca/ffw_signup.php


All teams have been emptied out so make sure you sign-up along with anyone in your thread who has shown interest in your team.

bfromcolo 01-15-2017 03:32 PM

I am in!

emoga 01-15-2017 03:42 PM

Count me in.thumb.gif

mmonnin 01-15-2017 08:35 PM


tictoc 01-15-2017 10:57 PM

Sign up link in the OP has been updated, and it will take you right to the Team BOINC sign-up. :D


I will send out reminder PMs when we get closer to the start.


On that note, calling all my fellow BOINC team members to  sign up for Team BOINC, and do a little protein folding for the FFW. :thumb:

Summoning the Crunchers!! (Click to show)

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