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Barefooter 02-04-2017 02:18 PM

[Build Log] The Big Red "Devastator" CaseLabs THW10 - Custom Powder Coating
Build Log Index with Links Post #2

Welcome to my build log! This is not my first build, but it is the first time that I’ve done a build log. I’ve have learned a lot over the years from hanging out on OCN, so this is my opportunity to contribute back to the community.

I will do my very best to make this build log fun, entertaining and informative, with lots of pictures. I am a total amateur at photography, but I do have a Nikon D3300 camera, which isn’t high end, but should take much better pictures than a cell phone can. Hopefully I can improve my photography skills along the way as well.

Here’s some background on how I got started on OCN, and how I got to this point. Back in 2012 I was planning to do a new build, and I wanted to build it in a red case. After doing some googling, I found The Big Budget Boomer Box build log. When I found the build log, it was already over 2,000 posts long. I just got completely sucked in, I was in complete awe! It took me several weeks, but I read every post until I got caught up, and have been on OCN almost daily since then.

So I want to thank @cpachris for getting me hooked on water cooling!

I also want to thank all of the many great builders and modders here for all of your contributions. There are so many great build logs here!

Scope of Project - Estimated Completion:
This is going to be a long term project for me. I have always been one to “quick tear it down, do the upgrade, and quick get it back together I need my rig”, I’m sure many of you can relate to that. My current machine is serving me well, so now I can take my time on this one without having to rush anything. I want to enjoy the ride!

I estimate this to be completed no sooner than the end of this year 2017, or more likely early 2018. When it’s done it’s done. I am very busy at times, so there might be several weeks or even several months at a time when little may get done. Just hang in there with me and you’ll be glad you did.

Plus the hardware I plan to put in this build will not be available until the second half of this year. I have lots to do meanwhile. I see so many people buy all their hardware first, and then by the time they are done with the build the hardware is a generation or two old. By the time I buy the hardware for this build, the case, radiators, fans, most of the water cooling, plumbing and wiring will all be done. It will be a complete chassis just waiting for some awesome hardware.

No this does not have anything to do with any transformers, I just like the name "Devastator". I’ve had this project and name rolling around in my head for several years. Way back when I first started gaming, Duke Nukem 3D was my favorite game. I had memorized every map, knew where all the good weapons were, where all the armor was, and the “Devastator” weapon was my favorite weapon in that game.

Secondly, this will be my main rig for years to come, and I want this build to “Devastate” anything I throw at it, whether that is gaming, photo or video editing, as well as mass storage, and whatever else I want it to do.

Third, my fantasy football team is named "The Devastators". I won my League Championship this year too.

Case Selection:
I waited years for CaseLabs to come out with the “Gemini” case, but it has been delayed, and once I saw the THW10 case come out, I decided that would be the perfect case for me. I was planning on starting this build some time this year, early 2017.

However, after CaseLabs got so busy last Summer that they had to stop doing custom orders temporarily, I was worried that they might be so busy in the future that they would not ever offer custom orders again. I really wanted a reverse ATX case because I sit at an “L” shaped desk, with the computer to my left, and I want the main side to show from my chair, and also the video card blocks can be seen much better in a reverse orientation.

I know that most likely no resellers are going to carry the THW10 case in reverse ATX, and certainly not in the configuration that I wanted, or in the color I wanted.

So I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the THW10 on the last day for custom orders (at that time) which was July 31, 2016. I’m super glad I ordered it when I did! It took 16 weeks, and finally arrived the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was at the end of a long list of custom orders. And now, as of this writing, you can still order the case, but the only two choices you have is the color black or gunmetal, and ATX or HPTX.

My Custom CaseLabs order:
MAGNUM THW10 - Customizable
Case Color: Gunmetal
Form Factor: XL-ATX
Orientation: Reverse
Left Door: XXL Window CLEAR
Right Door: XXL Window CLEAR
Standard Power/Reset Switches with Sleeved Cables
I/O Panel: USB 3.0/HD Audio
Flex-Bay Configuration Left Side: 140.2 (280) Mount with Solid Bay Covers
Flex-Bay Configuration Right Side: 140.2 (280) Mount with Solid Bay Covers
Top Radiator Mounts: Two 140.4 (560) Mounts
Bottom Radiator Mounts: Two 140.4 (560) Mounts
Reservoir Mounting Plate Two Single Mounts

Also ordered
2 x Flex-Bay 140.1 (140mm) Fan/Radiator Mounts
Caster Kit
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mount – Short
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mount - Short HD
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mount - Short Adjustable
Ventilated PSU Cover
Switch Assemblies - Style: Switch Plate - No I/O
Replacement Retention Clips Gunmetal
Along with a bunch of extra screws and misc hardware

No real theme per se, just a “nice clean build”, and “max rads - max fans”.

Red – Gunmetal – Black - Chrome

Projected Hardware at start of build log
Motherboard: Asus X299 Rampage equivalent
CPU: Intel Core i7- Skylake X
Memory: G.Skill 64 GB
GPU: 2 x EVGA Volta Titan or 1180ti equivalent
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2
SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB for OS & Programs
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 2 TB for games
HDD: 4 x Western Digital Red 8 TB in RAID 10 for mass storage

Actual Hardware Used
Motherboard: Asus Rampage VI Extreme
CPU: Intel Skylake X Core i9-7900X Silicon Lottery delidded 4.7 GHz bin
Memory: G.Skill TridentZ Royal 32GB 3600 16-16-16-36
GPU: 2 x EVGA RTX 2080 Ti XC Gaming
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2
SSD: Intel Optane SSD 480GB for OS & Programs
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 2 TB for games
HDD: 2 x Seagate Iron Wolf Pro 12 TB for mass storage

Radiators: 4 x Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 560mm
Radiators: 2 x Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 280mm
Fans: 30 x EK Vardar F3-140ER and 2 x EK Vardar F4-120ER with custom painted fan blades
Pumps: 2 x Aquacomputer D5 with USB and Aquabus interface
Pump Top: Bitspower Dual D5 Mod Top Acrylic - Polished
Pump Mod Kit: 2 x Bitspower D5 Mod Kit - Chrome plated
Reservoirs: 2 x Aquacomputer Aqualis XT 880ml with Nano Coating and Aquabus interface
Fan Control: Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 XT and Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 LT
Fittings: Bitspower Silver Shining
Tubing: Bitspower Acrylic 16mm hard tube
Water Blocks: Bitspower for SSD and HDDs and Watercool Heatkiller for CPU, VRMs, and GPUs

Sleeving: MDPC-X
Lighting Control: Aquacomputer Farbwerk USB & Bluetooth version and Asus Aura software.

So let’s get started with some unboxing pics


Nicely packaged

Mother board tray. Everything comes wrapped in thick plastic

The only piece that was damaged was the center divider that was on the bottom of the box. It was bent/bowed in the center from all the weight in the box. At first I thought I was going to need to get a replacement. I'm thinking "oh no this will take me weeks to get another one", but I was able to straighten it out. I very carefully put the center of the bend at the edge of the table, put my forearms on each side and bent it straight. I had my doubts before I tried straightening it, but after I was done, it was so straight that I could not tell anywhere that it was slightly bent before. Phew!

Top and bottom mounted to center divide

Front panel on

Outer panels all on

So hit that SUBSCRIBE button and join me on my journey!

Barefooter 02-04-2017 02:18 PM

Build Log Index with Links

1. The Test Fit Order

2. The Rest of the Radiators Order

3. Max Over Kill Radiator Cleaning and Flushing Guide

4. The Fans are here!

5. Radiator Selection Criteria - Hardware Labs SR2 Multi-Port Radiator Pros and Cons

6. Fitting and Mounting the Bottom 560mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators - The Drain Set-up

7. Fitting and Mounting the Top 560mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators - The Fill Port Set-up

8. Fitting and Mounting the Front 280mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators

9. All Six Radiators Mounted

10. 17 Pieces at the Powder Coat Shop

11. Another Order comes in - Fittings - Tubing - Aqua Computer

12. Painting Radiators

13. Custom Illusion Red Powder Coating Completed

14. Mounting the Aquaero XT and Aquaero LT with Stealth Mount

15. Fan Testing

16. EK Vardar Fan Painting Guide Part 1

17. EK Vardar Fan Painting Guide Part 2

18. Mounting the Reservoirs - Aquacomputer Aqualis XT Pros and Cons

19. The First Tube - More cutting on the case

20. Installing Reservoir LEDs and Wiring the Fans

21. Modding the SSD Hot Swap Bays

22. Installing the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 Power Supply

23. Mounting Dual Aquacomputer D5 Pumps with Auqabus Interface - Custom Mounting Brackets

24. The Inside Color Scheme

25. Testing EK CryoFuel Blood Red Coolant - Choosing a red color of sleeving

26. Testing the Bitspower BP-EML16 fittings for 16mm hard tubing

27. Pump Set-up Finished

28. How to Update the Aquaero Firmware and Flash an Aquaero LT into a Slave unit using another computer

29. CPU and Motherboard Selection

30. Working on the Tubing

31. Asus Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard Unboxing

32. Intel Optane SSD 900P 480GB Unboxing

33. The RAM is here!

34. Up and running on the Test Bench - Windows Installed

35. Testing the RAM with HCI Memtest

36. The Quick and Dirty 5 GHz Over-Clock

37. How to use Rep+ to your advantage

38. Asus Aura Sync RGB Software Demo

39. Installing the Aquasuite Software and preliminary set up

40. Cinebench and CrystalDiskMark Benchmarks

41. Back Side Tubing Complete

42. Main Side Tubing and Loop Details

43. Picking a Pattern for the 24 pin Cable

44. Eight Pin and Four Pin Motherboard Cables Complete

45. Only six sata ports - Four Hard Drives in RAID 10 or Two Hard Drives in RAID 0?

46. Building the 24 Pin Cable

47. CPU Water Block Selection - Watercool Heatkiller IV PRO Acrylic HWLuxx Edition Unboxing

48. Custom Front Panel USB Type-C Port

49. Power and Reset Buttons

50. Sleeving the Front USB and Audio Panel Cables

51. Case Lighting

52. Sound Insulating the Solid Flex Bay Covers

53. Mounting the CPU and VRM Water Blocks

54. Water Leak Testing the Chassis

55. Tubing the VRM and CPU blocks

56. More Tube Bending

57. Unboxing the Bitspower Waterblock for the Intel Optane 900P SSD

58. More Tube Bending for the Back Side

59. Back Side Tubing Complete - Again

60. Bitspower Intel 900P Waterblock Installation

61. The Hard Drive Set-Up

62. Testing the Seagate 12TB Iron Wolf Pro Hard Drives

63. Polishing the HDD Waterblocks

64. Mounting the HDD Waterblocks and LED lighting

65. Custom Power Cable & SATA Cables for the HDDs

66. Tubing the Hard Disk Drives and the Intel 900P SSD

67. Sleeving & Shortening SATA Cables

68. Unboxing the EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Video Cards

69. Sampling Red Coolants and Dyes

70. Modding the NVLink Bridge

71. Making the Video Card Power Cables - Sleeving Tools

72. Final Air Pressure Test - Water Leak Testing - Fire it up!

73. Overclocking the 10 Core i9-7900X CPU

74. How to easily move your Game Library & Games Saves to a new rig - Installing the 2TB SSD

75. Watercool Heatkiller Acrylic Nickel Video Card Waterblocks

76. Overclocking the EVGA 2080 Ti Video Cards on air

77. Mounting the Heatkiller Video Card Waterblocks and Chrome Plating the Backplates

78. Video Card Tubing

79. Modding the NVLink Bridge... again

80. Reinstalling the Hard Disk Drives - The Last Bend

81. Final Leak Test - Blitz Part 2 Flushing - List of Fittings Used

82. The Final Unboxing - G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver Ram

83. More Hard Disk Drive Drama - RMA Hell

84. i9-7900X @ 5135.97 GHz takes over the #1 spot in the 5GHz club!

85. Modding the Doors with Tempered Glass Windows and Sound Insulation

86. Reworking the CPU and RAM Overclocks

87. Overclocking and Benchmarking the RTX 2080 Ti Video Cards Now Under Water

88. Storage Overview, Expandability & Benchmarks

89. More Video Card Benchmarks with even better scores

90. Aquaero & Aquasuite Software Setup Guide


Barefooter 02-04-2017 02:19 PM

Reserved for final pictures... coming very soon!

Trestles126 02-04-2017 03:30 PM


NeeqOne 02-04-2017 03:35 PM

This is a massive build. In for the ride. thumb.gif

emsj86 02-04-2017 04:03 PM

Dubbed. Thought this was a white at first by the picture on casabs thread

skingun 02-04-2017 04:24 PM

I'll be following smile.gif

IT Diva 02-04-2017 09:24 PM

I'm a sucker for a big Caselabs build, . .

Sign me up!


Barefooter 02-05-2017 11:19 AM

Originally Posted by Trestles126 View Post

Hey thanks for being my first subscriber!
Originally Posted by NeeqOne View Post

This is a massive build. In for the ride. thumb.gif
Glad you are in for the ride thumb.gif
Originally Posted by emsj86 View Post

Dubbed. Thought this was a white at first by the picture on casabs thread
Welcome. Better pics coming.
Originally Posted by skingun View Post

I'll be following smile.gif
Welcome, glad to have you follow along.
Originally Posted by IT Diva View Post

I'm a sucker for a big Caselabs build, . .

Sign me up!


Yeah... I think I'm a sucker for ANY CaseLabs build biggrin.gif Glad to have you here. I really admire all your awesome window and lighting mods! Always top notch work. My favorite is the TH10A Power Doors mod. thumb.gif

One of the first things I did was to buy this cart. I will use this to build on. It gets tiring moving a computer case around a table while you are working on it, and this thing is going to be heavy. I am really happy with it, very easy to just spin the case around. It's actually an AV cart, very well made and heavy duty. Here's a link with more info Luxor / H. Wilson AVJ42XLKB Adjustable Height 3 Shelf Black A/V Cart with Keyboard Shelf I actually bought mine on ebay.
The first picture is just the bottom part. You could leave the top off and just use the bottom as a short table.

Here's some outside shots of the case. On the new cart of course.

With two 280 mounts in front and a 140 mount on the upper left side. I plan to put the HDDs there with a 140mm fan in front.

That's just a spare motherboard to give you a better size reference.

With the side panels on. I took the windows out for now. I don't want to peel the paper off yet.

seross69 02-05-2017 01:17 PM


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