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Solarion 08-18-2017 09:16 AM


ocvn 08-18-2017 10:03 AM

Originally Posted by Solarion View Post

Sweet! Was wondering how that block would stack up. What's your loop setup look like? ...rad, pump, fans?

Monsta 480 push-pull 8 fans 1500 rpm > pump D5 +resevor > block.

springs113 08-18-2017 10:13 AM

Just a sneak...using the 503 beta bios on the rog.

LiquidHaus 08-18-2017 12:33 PM

What's up guys.

Figured since I haven't joined an owners club in a while, the Threadripper club would be the one to join up with since this product is huge in every way.

I'll let some photos do the talking but I also have some info to hand out.

As my system currently sits, I was able to achieve a stable overclock on my 1920X at 4.1ghz at 1.33v.

On the Asus Zenith Extreme, I set the CPU power delivery settings from Standard, to Optimized, also with a 110% power rating for VRM and CPU.

This occasionally bumps the 1.33v to 1.35v, to which I've seen it occasionally bump up to during burn in tests. It's actually the voltage it was at in the screenshot I took.

For cooling, I normally run a full custom loop for most systems I build for myself, reviews, and other people. But with the lack of waterblocks available to the market, I had to resort to making what I had, work.

I had a Corsair H110i GT with a dead pump sitting around and I figured I could rip it apart and build it into my custom loop. Unfortunately the impeller within the AIO head is also the seal, so it literally cut my flow in half, but with two D5 pumps, it's still more than sufficient.

Being that the H110i GT head isn't an Asetek style mount, I had to improvise. With info I gathered from Tom's Hardware, I found out that the cooler mounting threads on the TR bracket are M3.5. A very strange thread size and one you can't normally find at a hardware store. Luckily, the RC car manufacturer HPI has a screw set that is perfect for this situation.

Utilizing some corner braces that I got at Home Depot, I was able to use those by cutting them at the corner, and using the flat parts of the brace as a bridge from the AIO bracket, to the TR bracket.

The mount is perfect, and so is the thermal paste spread over the IHS. I would even go as far as saying it's better than the current Asetek round style paste spread.

Factoring in the +27c offset, under full load with 4.1ghz at 1.33-1.35v, temps sit at around 45c.

Absolutely fantastic. The 1920X is a beast and in my opinion, the best bang for your buck out of the three SKUs.

Okay! Now it is photo dump time.

(then I got my actual camera out)

If you guys have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them as best I can. thumb.gif

springs113 08-18-2017 01:59 PM

If you update the bios to the 503 beta, the offset values are fixed. my cpu generally idles around 35c with an ambient of around 27c. This is using a Corsair h100i v2.

DrakkarCA1980 08-18-2017 02:13 PM

You are exactly right - I should have never removed the cap first ...but... There was a sticker on the CPU cap that says to 'Slide out the external cap before sliding in the carrier frame with CPU' Im looking at it now. I took this as though I should remove this cap rolleyes.gif I believe my i7 2011 socket you placed the CPU in and as you lower the latch the cap automatically pop's out. Either way the pins are exposed as well on the intel too. I have the picture of the devil pin (the last one)... I was looking at it and how the hell I got it un-bent, a miracle... I attached the pictures of the moment just before the CPU fell down - and the picture of the last pin.

edit: misspelled i7 as 17

springs113 08-18-2017 02:38 PM

I may have a bad board again, first was bent pins second maybe memory slot. I can't get a post using 4 dimm slots at all. I rushed order 2 dif speeds n manufacturer of replacement ram but won't know til Sunday if it's my board. I hope not.

Solarion 08-18-2017 04:08 PM


DrakkarCA1980 08-18-2017 06:57 PM

Were you able to get into UEFI BIOS at all? I had ram problems initially too and my ram was JDEC compliant (2400MHz). If so, does it show the correct amount of ram? Have you tested each stick individually to eliminate bad ram as an issue? I know all x399 board makers are going to be rushing some hot fix bios's - Gigbyte just released one for the Aorus Gaming 7 to fix ram speeds defaulting to 2133. My BIOS would reset itself to stock values whenever I set it to use the XMP profile - that got fixed about 4 days ago. For your initial setup make sure you keep FAST BOOT off. Your likely going to be rebooting a lot and going into the bios quite a bit. On other platforms ive seen vanishing ram when changing video cards ect. where half a bank would just not work. Resetting the BIOS with the jumper will force the BIOS to retrain itself and recognize ram that may have been overlooked. This was a glitch on Asus bio's for a bit that was related to fast boot. Just a thought.

Jbravo33 08-18-2017 07:10 PM

havent had a ton of time to play around and im temporarily on a 120 aio... yikes. so far

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