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AnnihilationF90 01-28-2018 09:48 AM

External GPU for Work&Travel Laptop
I will work and travel this summer but also want to game in the evenings too.
Therefore I wanted to buy an external GPU but am not sure if this is going to work as I want it.

My University laptop is equipped with an i3 3120m (2,5ghz 2c/4t) and 6GB of RAM which should be +/- sufficient for gaming. As the CPU is not soldered I easily can switch to an i5 3320m if necessary.
1366x768 is the max resolution which my potato is capable of.
Regarding games, I mostly play LOL and Heros of the Storm but sometimes I like to play a bit BF1 & 4 too.

I own an old PSU with 350w and wanted to use this adapter: https://www.banggood.com/de/Mini-PCI...p-1011222.html

So the only thing wich is unclear is the GPU…
---> Therefore my question: What GPU would be sufficient and is not bottlenecked to hard by the CPU? <---
I don’t want to spend money on power I cant use… ^^ (My GamingRIG has a 980ti, so there is no use for it, after my stay I want to sell it again. Also I don’t want to use the TI as I am afraid I might damage it while traveling…)

Right now I am thinking of something like a 760 or 950 as they stay “quiet” and don’t exceed the 220w limit of the GPU adapter. To be more precise I am looking for something below 90$ and 180w which stays reasonably quiet … I don’t care much for brands or specific models. In general, if there is less TDP normally the cooler can run slower which makes everything quieter and so on and so forth :-D

Thanks in advance!

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