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toolmaker03 01-29-2018 11:34 AM

Full System TEC cooling

ok, so after 6 builds, and 170 pages, I have a final build. this is where I am at so far, I am currently using 12 TEC's for a total of 1740watts of TEC cooling. all the TEC's will be water cooled, with a total of 24 CPU water blocks being used. I now have 12 radiators for this build, 6 radiators on the 331watt TEC's, and 6 radiators on the 224watt TEC's.

ok I am going to try and detail a complete parts list.
6 X swiftech 360mm radiators
18 X Flex Aluminum 360mm radiators
1 X UT60 alphacool 240mm radiator
1 X hardware labs 240mm radiator
44 X 120mm fans
2 x bitspower reservoirs
1 X watercool reservoir
8 X swiftech D5 water pumps
1 X koolance D5 strong water pump
3 X 600watt 13.2volt power supplies
3 X 1200watt 26.4volt power supplies
3 X 100amp PWM motor controllers
6 X bitspower TR4 CPU water blocks
6 X barrow 2011 CPU water blocks
6 X Frozen Q AM3 CPU water blocks
3 X XSPC AM3 CPU water blocks
3 X watercool universal CPU water blocks
6 X 331watt 31volt TEC's
6 X 224watt 24volt TEC's
2 X fan controllers
6 X switches
3 X 24volt 200amp relays
3 X 12volt 200amp relays
54 X bitspower 3-way 90 degree fittings
30 X 3mm male to male fittings
3 X Y fittings
28 X XSPC T fittings
3 X koolance flow meters
3 X XSPC temperature sensors
10 X bitspower & barrow 1/4 turn valves
8 X adjustable SLI fittings
14 X bitspower & EK 50mm extension fittings
12 X barrow 40mm extension fittings
61 X koolance 3/8" ID 5/8" OD compression fittings
14 X koolance 3/8" barbs
18 X bitspower male to male rotary fittings
1 X koolance 12volt to 24volt pump motor step up.
2 x XSPC temp sensor displays
1 X koolance flow meter display
2 X power and reset switches
4 X bitspower plastic T fittings
2 X bitspower plastic 90 degree fittings
1 X 100' total of 10AWG wire
3 X 12volt to 24volt 20amp step up's
1 X 250' total of 5/8" ID 1" OD norprene insulation
1 X 50' total of 3/8" ID 5/8" OD tubing
12 X fan wire splitters
24 X fan wire extensions
8 X temperature sensor wire extensions
1 X 50 pounds of molding clay
1 X 400 zip ties
1 X 50' of 3/4" aluminum angle
1 X 8' of 2" plastic angle
1 X enermax 850watt PC power supply
1 X OCZ 1200watt PC power supply
1 X 100 M3 12mm bolts, 200 M3 washers, 100 M3 nuts
1 X 100 M4 50mm bolts, 400 M4 washers, 200 M4 nuts
8 X 200mm M4 bolts
8 X 70mm M4 bolts
64 X tension springs

jvillaveces 01-29-2018 11:44 AM

The only things I recognize in that picture are the Aquaero and the rads! :o Is there a PC in there or is this just the cooling system?

toolmaker03 01-29-2018 11:47 AM

currently, that is a pic of the cooling system only. the PC is going inside of a wine cooler. (chillbox)

Simmons572 01-29-2018 11:48 AM

I can't believe it, we're actually looking at an operational product! This is definitely a long time coming. :thumb:

Are you still planning on putting everything in the coolers like you were planning to do at one point? What about the modeling clay?

Master Chicken 01-29-2018 12:08 PM

The beast. If I hadn't been following along all this time, I'd have trouble deciphering that picture. :)

Puck 01-29-2018 12:52 PM

Hahaha nice!!!

toolmaker03 01-30-2018 02:38 AM

the last thread was getting to long, so I decided to create a new thread to cover the end of this last build. you may have noticed that I am going a lot slower on the build this time, the reason for this is that I am testing everything before I finalize it on the build. this process takes longer, but I think that the end result will be a hassle free build upon completion. I am done building this rig, I have made a stopping point, and I am sticking to that. 12 TEC's are enough to give me 3 times the load of the system in TEC cooling, and that is really all I need. as the years pass, I may upgrade this system, but I will not add more TEC's to it. if the last build, with 9 TEC's, had provided me with just a little better drop from ambient than 8C with the system at load, I would have stopped there.

I know that I have not been showing all of the testing I have been doing, but is hard to test, and take pics at the same time. as well I am a red neck when it comes to building my test rigs. so they are dangerous, and I would not want others to try doing, what I am doing with my test builds, as destroying stuff is highly possible, with the way I throw it together.

lzf995 01-31-2018 05:20 AM

wow what a mess

toolmaker03 02-05-2018 11:37 AM

ok, so for a update on the TEC's I sent back to be fixed. CTE decided to simply replace, rather than fix, the TEC's I returned to them, I can not complain about that kind of service. I am not a big costumer by any means but for me I have already spent about $1200 on there TEC's, and for them to treat me this well gives me good reason to continue getting there products and get even better ones next time. so as these TEC's begin to fail I will replace with metallized, ruggedized, versions, of course those will be $200 TEC's each but I feel like they will make for nice upgrades to the ones I have now.

Master Chicken 02-05-2018 08:30 PM

You went with metalized surfaces on the new ones? Better heat transfer?

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