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Robostyle 08-25-2018 03:47 AM

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I'm trying to figure out if there's possible way out of this problem. I've already posted it on several forums and concerned with it to asus support

So, basically, the problem is - voltage spikes at a ~0.05V value, from the value I set, type or calculate (in case it's offset), when booted.
These spikes are unpredictable, they don't appear only under load or in idle. I can see those spikes whatever voltage/clocks I utilize.

Here's the screenshots that will describe all the stuff better:
This is what I set in UEFI:

And that's what I get after boot:

I would assume these spikes had some AVX offset origin, but no! - under AVX workload, voltage still maintain 1.37V most part of the time. On the other hand, it could spike all over when launching Chrome.
The same goes to offset - AFAIK, sstock SVID values equals 1.275V and 1.310V respectively to AVX and non-AVX. So I set +0.08V - however, it still spikes up to 1.408-424V.

And, yes, I know, and I didn't mean to lock voltage under load completely. Yes, I know that voltage shoud fluctuate even under load, depending on core's load, amount of current and power needed, etc. And I assume that there's some disruption between AVX and nonAVX voltage (AKAIK, taking into account those settings I've illustraated here, stock voltage are 1.275V for nonAVX and 1.310V for AVX - correct me if I'm wrong)

But then, in case I use positive offset of 0.08V, hwo it could go way that high? 1.424V?

Here's are the specs:
awfull 8700K, capable of 5GHz only at 1.38V, and doesn't reacts positively on AVX offset.
Hero X wifi, 1602
2x16GB 3000MHz CL14 dualrank bdie ram.
Corsair RM750i - no complains about these one, at least from what I see in HWInfo and noise it produces (0)
LLC is set to level 5 - though, for 8700K the best would be LLC6 under manual voltage, I've noticed a small overshoot under offset and adaptive.
IA AC/DC lines are set to 0.01

What's the deal with all this??

P.S. Does this bug has something common with IRV removal/simplification after Haswell?

Robostyle 08-25-2018 08:09 AM

What, nobody faced behaviour like this?

bass junkie xl 10-21-2018 10:34 AM

Hello asus x hero z370 bios 1704 8700k
I figured out how adaptive mode works.

Best settings are

Svid best cinario
Svid to enabled
Load line level 6 (7 is max )
Ia/dc load line 0.01
Cpu power min max power 4555 both
Total adaptive volts 1.28v
Adaptive offset none .

Now i get " up to " 0.040v spikes on avx loads example , bf1 , some apps .
So 1.28v + 0.040v spike = 1.32v
Offseting it and using load line 5 vs 6
= worse results or vdrop or same out come .

The fix is
Use a avx offset of - 1
Why you ask ? Cause -1 avx offset
Now only spikes "up to " 0.016v !
So 1.28v + 0.016v = 1.296v max

In the end with adaptive mode this

No avx offset = "up to " 0.040v spikes
Avx offset -1 = " up to" 0.016v spikes
Avx offset - 2 = barly no spike at all.

Thats the final reason why .

I settled with 5.0/5.1 avx -1 @ 1.28v adaptive get up to 1.296v im happy with that. Vs no avx offset and geting 0.040v spikes 🙂

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