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nillington 10-17-2018 08:55 PM

HyperX Pulsefire Core - A Drunk Review
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Whaddup denizens of ocn. I'm trying what I believe to be a unique type of review on these hallowed forums: a drunk review. The idea is that I should be really honest and have no filter whatsoever, so idk. We'll see how this goes.

I'm going to discuss the HyperX Pulsefire Core mouse. I won't post pics, at least not yet. If you want those, look them up. I'm a little too sauced to bother with that sort of thing atm. If you want size comparisons: it feels like what I imagine the CoolerMaster Mastermouse S feels like: short, fairly wide, with a present but unobtrusive hump (I'm glaring quite menacingly at you, g403). This isn't a big mouse, but it fills the palm nicely. People looking for a claw grip mouse that has a more stable feel reminiscent of a more palm-styled mouse, this is worth looking into. Maybe. MAAAAYBE.

I say MAAAAYBE because there's a big issue for me. The flare. Yup, the front flares out. It really is the red-headed stepchild of a Deathadder and a Mastermouse S. I've always hated that front flare on the Deathadder and I hate it here. I thought "gee, maybe it's not so bad, maybe it'll be so far forward I don't even notice it". Folks, I was WRONG. 10 minutes of drunk CS deathmatch and I was done. My ring finger cried for mercy as the hard plastic of the sides jutted rudely into it, giving no support and forcing it to bend in a manner that would make hand doctors cry in a fetal position for hours on end. Take a look at the g303. That diamond shape is the opposite of a forward flare. It works. When your ring finger is forced to be positioned farther out than your pinky finger, as it is with this mouse and in my experience any mouse with that flare, it hurts and it sucks. But it's pretty light, which is nice. I can't fault the Pulsefire Core on weight, they've done well here.

So the shape kills me. I can't use this freakn thing because the shape hurts my hand. So I'm gonna get to the more objective stuff now. Lemme tell you guys, the 3327 sensor is a pleasant surprise. The closest thing I'd used in this family was the 3320 in the ol' CoolerMaster Xornet II. It sucked. Couldn't get the LOD to work how I wanted it to. I have no idea what they've done to the 3327 but it's got a nice low LOD, but not toooo low. The tracking feels spot on. When I started using the Pulsefire Core, I was a little tipsy but not so far that my muscle memory had faded, and it was very accurate and very snappy. Sensor pedants be warned: I still consider the 3310 to be perfectly acceptable for top-tier play, so I'm not one of those people who's super sensitive to minor smoothing and whatnot, but to the best of my ability to tell the 3327 is a reliable, consistent, 1:1 sensor for all intents and purposes. The clicks are perfectly good, the scroll wheel is adequate, idk dude I've used a bunch of mice and very few have made me whine like "ohhh the scroll wheel isn't exactly like I want so the mouse is completely unusable and it's literal trash" or anything like that. But for real the clicks are light and tactile, the scroll wheel is firm but rollable, the side buttons are the same quality in feel as m1 and m2, I have no idea what more I could ask for. The top texture is good; it's a lightly textured plastic, I'd say like a rougher Zowie EC coating. The sides feel like a $7 Dell mouse trying to be "exciting" with weird grip lines cut into it. It's sad. This is a $40 mouse that feels like a $15 mouse because of the sides and the LACK OF ATTENTION PAID TO THAT GOD FORSAKEN FLARE AT THE FRONT. WHAT ALIEN IN YOUR DESIGN TEAM THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE AN OK IDEA?!?!?

OK. ok. It's ok. I'm ok. I'm done yelling. The flare is subjective, not objective. Some people like it. Some people like pineapple on their pizza. That's...that's ok. That's fine. You can have pineapple on your pizza (no you can't, that's literal blasphemy). OOOOOMG, why is my sober self coming in for this argument? Look, pizza has nothing to do with this review, so shut up.

Yeah but for real the glide is bad, it's got these big fat feet that would probably be polished and glide better over time, but there's more friction than I'd like. If you prefer "control" mousepads over "speed" options, this might be for you. If you can deal with that FLARE AT THE FRONT THAT KILLS EVERYTHING.

Also the software (or onboard memory?) is dumb, I can't get it to save my settings properly so here I am, with NO LIGHTS in my mouse that is advertised as having RGB. Look, I really only wanted G; the R and B were and afterthought but I can't even have that after setting everything then uninstalling the software.

Oh I totally forgot to add this earlier and I'm not about to read through the garbage I wrote to figure out where to put this in, but the cable is acceptable as far as braided cables go.

So there ya go, a drunk idiot's review of a new mouse from HyperX. I honestly hope this thread flops in the most spectacular way so I'm not motivated to buy any more mice and review them drunkenly. Actually I guess I should give my closing thoughts. It feels cheaper than it should because of the side grips, but it's a really solid performing, lightweight, smallish mouse with a sizeable rear hump and a flare at the front carefully designed for sadists who want your ring finger amputated before some dumb broad can convince you to put a wedding band on it.

P.S.: YOOOO why does this board call me a "linux lobbyist"???!?! I don't have the time to figure out how to make linux work with my stuff. I strongly protest.

MORNING AFTER EDIT: adding a few pics with comparisons to Evga Torq x5 and Zowie fk1.

Elrick 10-18-2018 02:00 AM

One of the BEST ever reviews yet posted.

Much appreciated, for a Thursday night special (here in Nowheresville, Australia).

We need more reviews like this, pics could help but the text makes up for it, cheers:thumb:.

You've got Drunken History Channel so why not Drunken Mouse Reviews. Would be a hoot and none of the complicated rubbish that makes it boring to read or watch.

Just the REAL deal of some ordinary person doing what it takes to tell others of their new device which they're using, whilst being inebriated :cheers: .

nillington 10-18-2018 07:23 AM

I'll post some pics when I decide it's safe for me to go vertical and leave my bed.

DazzaInOz 10-18-2018 04:23 PM

Got to admit, that was entertaining! Red-headed step child LOL. Here have a rep...oh wait that STILL doesn't work!!

cdcd 10-23-2018 04:53 AM

This one is oddly similar to the Asus TUF M5 in terms of shape and specs.

czerro 10-27-2018 03:25 AM

I've always hated the flared head. I understand companies think it makes their mouse aesthetically striking, or more recognizable as a 'gamer' mouse, but form and function should come before aesthetics and marketing. There are mice with flared heads that don't really effect the grip on the mouse. I personally think it looks kinda dumb, and logically there is no reason for an overly contoured or excessive element to the design of a mouse whether it effects the grip/shape or not.

I actually like your picture, because it really shows off that a mouse doesn't need a whole bunch of extraneous stuff going on to 'look marketable'. That FK1 is blowing the other two away, in my mind.

Anyway, good honest feedback. There is a similar shaped mouse that someone brought up, Lioncast LM50. It's available, and I really shouldn't bite the bullet on it, but it has a hump like that without the flare. I had never heard of Lioncast and they basically want 60 US for LM50, which is pretty steep for a company I've never heard of in the US. But...if the flare was your problem with this mouse, it might be one to look at...and provide another insightful drunk review on.

T0XiiC 10-27-2018 08:49 AM

how many CD's/mm is the LOD on the pulsefire core?

nillington 10-27-2018 09:54 AM

Didn't check but I'm sensitive to high LOD and this one wasn't an issue for me. In the ballpark of 1 DVD.

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