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AT0MAC 12-02-2018 09:21 AM

December Project - unnamed
It's about time I re-boot this.

I would have wanted to do like a Christmas calendar with daily updates, but I got off to a late start as I spend most of yesterday sleeping, because I send my family out of the country so I can have the whole house to myself (that's the way to do it the right way!).

You have maybe seen my earlier thread: https://www.overclock.net/forum/1808...sair-800d.html

I never got around to do any actual work due to have 2 kids, house, work, wife and a life.
If anything then now is the time when most of that is out of the way for a while.

Today is just a little intro, then tomorrow I expect real work to be done.

AT0MAC 12-02-2018 09:22 AM

1st of December

Sorry I'm starting little too late, forgive me

AT0MAC 12-02-2018 09:23 AM

2nd of December

A few pictures of what I'm working at




Oh boy its going to be fun to build!
-see you tomorrow for real work

AT0MAC 12-03-2018 02:35 PM

3rd of December

Have to do some preparations, as I have collected quite the selection of parts over the past months intended for this build.
So today I have sorted and cleaned up the table I intend to use for the final build.
Actually, if you look closely, you can already see some of the case panels I have painted already ;)


By the way, the monitor is my Black Friday buy, a 24" FreeSync 144hz 1ms 1920x1080 curved AOC monitor - would have been pretty stupid if I could not run freesync now I intend to build a crossfire setup.

AT0MAC 12-04-2018 01:14 PM

4th of December

Today I have sanded down a little of the paint I did in the summerr on one of the sidepanels so I can start to lacquer it. Just given it first layer today but its not totally even, so will have to sand it down more when cured and give it more.

Normally a 800D case is just a huge matte black box, so to paint it with blue metallic paint and black flames, plus engrave my avatar logo and its already going to be a pretty special case.


follow along for more crazy ideas

AT0MAC 12-05-2018 01:45 PM

5th of December

I have today assembled the motherboard, since I one time at summertime completely cleaned it so it shines as new.
One of the extra things I've done, is to lap the chipset coolers for best possible performance.

For my big surprise, the primary block had a LOT of scratches there can only come from the manufacturing process, I would not guess it to have been disassembled before.
Same can be said about the watercooling block, must have been pretty uneven, as after at few turns on the mirror with some fine sandpaper, toothpaste and water it has sanded off a fair bit in the sides but almost nothing in the middle.

Beside that, I have an old case I sometimes use as a test bench, its a Bitfenix Neos, one of the absolute cheapest ATX case I can buy around here.
I have today started to temporary build the system in there, as I actually dont know if any of the hardware is working... If its dead it will for sure change my plans...

Last but not least, Im still lacquering the sidepanel with flames, I think it will need 4 layers before its what I wanted to achieve. It will take me a few days to finish.

I hope I tomorrow will get time to sort and start painting all the little parts of this huge case, specially the drying of the paint is one of the more boring tasks in a mod so better get it out of the way early on.


Follow along tomorrow for the next "episode"

...by the way, if you want to see the bigger pictures, go and find me on Instagram ;)

C ya!

AT0MAC 12-07-2018 08:58 AM

6th of December

Sorry, I dont feel too well so have stayed the day in bed....
No updates in this date

AT0MAC 12-07-2018 08:59 AM

7th of December

Still not feeling too well, but I pulled myself together and sorted most of the parts out I need to paint, god damn there are a lot of parts in an exploded 800D case!
At least I dont need to paint all of them, because not all will be visible in the final build.
I have painted some of them the first round of white today, I think I need 3 layers to get the results im looking for so it will take a few days.

About the sidepanel I have been working on, I give up, my initial goal of protecting the graffiti flames I did is reached, but the lacquer itself is turning out almost like in drops, looks unique but not really as intended but I dont know what to do so will just buff it and leave it as is. You will see it when I have buffed it.


AT0MAC 12-08-2018 12:16 PM

8th of December

My energy is about to be back, så I think I will end up doing a lot tomorrow on the build.

Today I have painted again, I think im about done with the first parts of the case that has now turned white.


The backside panel is still super annoying!
I really dont understand the droplet like effect I have made here, that was not intended at all!
So I decided to sand it down as much as I possible could without ruining the paint job.
Am now trying a different laquer and so far it looks a lot more even. I will not give up until I'm satisfied!
The big picture is the new laquer drying


The 3 smaller pictures are before, when I buffed it and the droplets just came out even more...
Cross your fingers that this side panel quest is soon to be done.

AT0MAC 12-08-2018 12:28 PM

By the way, for those who might not have looked in the original thread - the build has kind of a theme, its very car inspired. It will beside that feature 3 water cooling loops, 2 graphic cards in CrossFire, X58 motherboard, Xeon CPU, UV lighting, real carbon fiber (damn it was expensive) and a whole lot more

Follow along tomorrow where I hope to really start this and my plans for the day is assemble the case (now in white) and hopefully get most of the parts installed in the test rig to see if they actually work.

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