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thedosbox 01-20-2019 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by AstroCat (Post 27796514)
I'd be very curious if someone does an independent Gsync round up comparison test of a bunch of monitors so we can see really which ones will work with Gsync and how well.

This is the only list I've seen (and they only tested with the pendulum demo):


They do include some regular g-sync and non-VRR monitors in the list, but you can filter those out.

HiCZoK 01-21-2019 03:33 AM

Anyone tested new ASUS VG279Q ?

writer21 01-21-2019 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by HiCZoK (Post 27817326)
Anyone tested new ASUS VG279Q ?

Yep and I will probably return it unless they can fix the drivers. All things considered the monitor is very good. Picture quality is very good after calibration, colors are vibrant, contrast is better than my XB271HU Gsync monitor.

1080 @ 27 inches is noticeable but a lot smoother for fast paced shooting games.

Now as far as gsync compatible. Yes it works but I've been experiencing lock ups or my whole system seems to freeze. Doesn't happen on my Acer Gsync monitor. So for now I've stopped using the monitor until hotfix drivers are released. The panel handles motion blur as well the Acer but the Acer is 1440p which just looks better and helps with spotting enemies even with lower fps.

I was also looking forward to the ELMB mode (ULMB equivalent) with the IPS colors. The panel looks good with ELMB mode as far as colors, brightness and contrast. But there is way too much ghosting. Compared to Nvidia's ULMB it is horrible.

So like I said before I'm leaning on returning the monitor for something that can handle Low motion blur mode better. But if you don't need that mode the panel looks pretty good and gsync compatible drivers was smooth when it works. I also see scan lines sometimes. Not during gaming but mostly on the desktop.

Hope this helps.

JackCY 01-21-2019 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by gerardfraser (Post 27809862)
It is just awesome.

4K Adaptive Sync /FreeSync Monitor running G-sync on Nvidia card.
Windmill Demo/Pendulum Demo test


Is this screen capture? LOL
Even from that to me it looks as if you're running Vsync with stutter. So much stutter.

If you want to make a video, grab a video camera at best high speed one and record the monitor itself.

ORL 01-21-2019 01:36 PM

This was an inevitable direction change. The reason this became reality is due to the fact the "sync" technology will continue to evolve. Outdating older models of monitors which had hardware solutions implemented. Essentially taking this tech in a direction where you would ultimately have to pair monitors to GPUs and as such upgrade Monitors every so many GPU upgrades. This paired with a substantial premium markup, and a competitor who had achieved a universal alternative reducing costs across the board by not requiring matching hardware pairs.... need I say more? nVidia got greedy with the tech, AMD made a much better development at far less cost by stopping the potential of the latter, not substantially better in performance, but in future scalability.

The notion of integrated G-Sync chips will die off now as time travels on. Proprietary hardware restrictions will get crushed by the open source forking of AMDs freesync in the long run. This is a big win for the consumer, nVidia will try and play the hero catering to the masses with this. The truth is, it is AMD who is the sidelined hero here, had they followed suit with hardware solutions, we wouldn't be here today.

The only props I have towards nVidia on this is that they finally did it, if only by being forced to in the evolution of competition.

I am very happy though for all of you nVidia users though! This opens up your options massively and is FANTASTIC news!

ToTheSun! 01-21-2019 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by ORL (Post 27818260)
This opens up your options massively and is FANTASTIC news!

So much so that nVidia owners now have access (albeit limited in some cases) to VRR universally, while AMD owners are limited to Freesync monitors. It's kind of funny how that turned out. If I didn't know Jensen well, I'd chalk it up to a happy coincidence.

JackCY 01-22-2019 09:46 AM

I think Nvidia gave the DP VRR now also as a PR show to appease people a bit after their recent endless hate due to performance, power consumption and pricing of Turing. They have to offer VRR with HDMI2.1, I think it's mandatory unlike optional VRR in DP1.2. So they get better "press" by offering DP1.2 VRR now rather than having it only for next cards in 2020 with HDMI2.1. Turing as far as I know is NOT HDMI2.1, only 2.0b. Nvidia needed something to lower the hate toward them that is building up. Obviously anti monopoly is not working in US at all, governments don't know how to deal with monopolies and oligopolies in a digital age, well to be honest they outright support it by allowing corporations to buy any possible competitor before it even becomes a threat on market.
It will take some time before China starts spitting out their own CPU and GPU designs.

Well from the recent input lag measurements of AMD vs Nvidia and the DP VRR, AMD has lower latency even when no sync is used. Not all is greener on Nvidia's lawn.

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