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miklkit 01-11-2019 10:04 AM

Methinks in 7-8 months I'm going to be pretty excited. The biggest concern is memory prices. I want to buy more and better ram but not for $500.

Overall, this cpu is a big enough jump over the 1700 to make it well worth it.

Roaches 01-11-2019 01:49 PM

To be honest from a neutral standpoint the keynote was normal but was met with high expectation from the community due to people believing leaks from popular media channels which generated alot of hype unfortunately

I mean if you compare this to their last year Ryzen 2 release it was received as very normal as in not impressive or underwhelming but just positively a step forward as you would expect from incremental improvements.

Having seen the exposed package of Ryzen 3 does hint much potential positives and I can see why people are so hyped over it though really its just a normal day for the industry to showcase their latest developments.

My thoughts on Vega VII is rather mixed seeing that its a compute focused card being sold to gamers when I felt it would've been more positively received by investors if it was a Radeon Pro card aiming to undercut the Titan V in which It would be fine to price it high as a pro card with pro drivers for less than the competition offering. I'm personally in the mid range market so yeah it doesn't bother me.

Its just a normal day in the industry though with positive hints moving forward.

et7878789 01-11-2019 03:19 PM

i think ES CPU is running at 4GHz.

Storx 01-11-2019 03:40 PM

Some futher info has been released on the AMD CES cinebench, someone took the footage of the cinebench run and matched it up with the power draw numbers and noticed that they dont line up at all, in the CES demo the people clicking the mouse actually are clicking to start the benchmark differently than what the screen displayed, in the video person clicking for the AMD machine actually is slightly before the intel person clicking, but in the video of the benchmark the start of the two benchmarks they start at the exact same time, but what is interesting is the wattage displays dont match the benchmark runs. If you open cinebench and start the benchmark you will see that the load will spike, then go to idle, then peg out for the test. In the video you see Intel dropping to a idle of 46.3watts during the middle of the run on the screen, and ryzen dropping to 67watts. So this shows that the people on the stage actually were not running the demo live...

The interesting part is the idle watts, ryzen seems very high for what it is 7nm, but new news told that the ryzen cpu is still engineer stages, that they are still perfecting the XMR boosting of the chip, so the machine was manually set all core to the "same" clock speeds of the intel counterpart. The actual clockspeeds were not released just the fact that it was manually clocked, so the chip was idling high due to this. There has been more than one source stating that it was the Ryzen 5 cpu with base of 3.7, but different sources say 4.5 vs 4.6Ghz, which sounds like they are still a long ways away from release on the chip, if they are still perfecting turbo boost on the cpu.

speed_demon 01-11-2019 03:51 PM

Ooh we got ourselves a good old fashioned conspiracy here! ;)

gapottberg 01-12-2019 09:41 AM

As others have mentioned...my judgement is also tied to what exactly we are looking at. If AMD just showed a $200 Ryzen 5 edging out the $500 9900k as some have speculated then this is a huge victory for AMD. That was a head to head with same number of cores and likely slower clocks at possibly half the TDP as it's speculated that chip may be a 65watt chip. That means better IPC and better gaming capability or at the least similar.

Clock speed isn't King in gaming. It's work per unit time, which is a function of both clock speed and IPC. Clock speed alone is about as useful as having RPMs for a car engine and trying to guess what speed it's travling at. You need more relevant info to make any claims about effectiveness in games. What this demo shows is that since core counts and thread counts are the same... AMD has officially caught up to stock Intel in performance core for core...regardless of what clock speed actually is. There may be head room to surpass it...and there may not be, but regardless of that they showed here it's possible to match them. Something they could not do a year ago. They needed more cores and thread to beat Intel in multi core tasks. Now they don't.

Assuming the above speculation is correct, that would suggest the R7 and R9 class chips will indeed have a second chiplet and will likely be 12 and 16 core CPUs. They would blow anything else out of the water in terms of consumer grade production and content creation for casual users and streamers as they have double the cores and equal performance to Intel core for core.

JackCY 01-12-2019 10:20 AM

They are pushing the CPU industry forward, unlike Intel who sits and cashes in. So opinion is positive as long as the products remain a better value than competitor.

Gilles3000 01-12-2019 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by miklkit (Post 27801038)
Methinks in 7-8 months I'm going to be pretty excited. The biggest concern is memory prices. I want to buy more and better ram but not for $500.

The prices don't seem to be rising anymore, and the regular 2400mhz-3200mhz stuff seems to be dropping in price steadily.

Still unfortunate that the B-die stuff isn't dropping back to 2016 pricing tho...

Undervolter 02-05-2019 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by jclafi (Post 27800362)
I'm going w/ Zen2+.... My current RIG is really incredible, can handle everything i do so easy, so i can wait a year or so...

But when AMD release Zen2+ in 2020, i believe still in AM4 socket, i upgrade my R5 2600.

Good job AMD !

I just ordered 2600 and will do the same, but when AM goes EOL.


Originally Posted by miklkit (Post 27801038)
Methinks in 7-8 months I'm going to be pretty excited. The biggest concern is memory prices. I want to buy more and better ram but not for $500.

Overall, this cpu is a big enough jump over the 1700 to make it well worth it.

I read an article, that RAM prices are expected to drop >10% in 2019, which is why RAM manufacturers are cutting production yields, in an attempt to prevent big price drops. At any case, it is ridiculous, that 3200 low latency RAM costs more than the CPU... It's a ripoff, plain and simple.

Good to see you both again, BTW.


About CES, while it is good to see AMD attacking even more Intel, i can't help but wonder, where this thing with cores will go. In the past years, i read Amdahl's law and i can't help wondering, how is a consumer going to benefit from 12 or 16 cores, unless he is able to run one of the very few, perfectly parallelized and divided in subworks tasks, like video encoding. The industry needs a revolution in IPC, not so much more cores, IMHO. 8c/16T aren't going to be fully used in games before "IPC becomes obsolete" for the forseable future. By the time this happens, the IPC of a Ryzen 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen will be "ancient". Sure, they can make 6 and later 8 cores, entry level, but how many people will actually use them to their potential? And you can "thank" Intel for that, since for 10 years, they 've sold like gold 2 and 4 core CPUs and game producers, even if they did manage to parallelize perfectly for 12,16,32 threads, will simply not do it, because so many potential customers, still run 4,6 and 8 threads.

miklkit 02-06-2019 09:49 AM

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Good to see you back!

Multithreading is happening more and more. I gave up on my FX when I started seeing gaming loads in the 80-100% range. Ny Ryzen 1700 is holding up well so far but more performance will be needed in the future. This is what a Unity engine based game looked like on my rig 3 days ago. A quad would be saturated.

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