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TrollishNerd 01-25-2019 09:20 PM

Help with mystery AMD SP3 Epyc/TR Dev board
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I am in the process of building an EPYC 7601 based video editing workstation and I purchased this board out of sheer curiousity on EBay with the off hope it will work as it’s, cool, as heck.

This is a guess, on my part, but it appears to be an internal/partner development board from AMD. I’m making this supposition mostly because it has threaded coax jacks all over the board for feeding in an external clock signal, monitoring clock, etc.

I haven’t tested it yet because I am also 1/2 afraid that it is a Threadripper Development board with an SP3 marked socket (physically same as sTR4) because of the orientation of the CPU socket. However who knows as it’s an odd beast with not a single OEM or aftermarket counterpart I can find.

Any tips on other ways to tell if this board is for TR or EPYC? Don’t want to throw a 7601 in it until I can be sure I won’t fry a very expensive CPU. Might have to find a dirt cheap TR to test with first unless there is some consensus that it won’t likely hurt anything. If any readers out there recognize this board and can send me some bios files I will be forever in your Karmic debt. PM me if so.

So far I’ve spotted:

4 x16 PCIe
1 x4 PCIe
1 x1 PCIe
8x sata
1 sata express
4x NVME m.2
2x Ethernet (haven’t checked asic yet so I don’t know the speed)
2 USB 3.1 Type C external
2 USB 3.1 headers
9 USB 3 ports
3x usb2 headers
HD Audio codec
4x(!) auxiliary power headers
A ****load of VRMs (with hand trimmed heat sinks)
Any tips on how to tell if the 8 RAM slots are spread across 4 channels?
wifi header
tpm header
What looks like 3 thermal sensor jacks with reset switches
A bunch of other misc jacks and jumpers for what appear to be dev functions, like dropping the FSB to 40Mhz from 100Mhz, inputting external clock, reading clock, and some connectors I don’t recognize and will have to research. Light on Fan headers, but that’s what Aquacomputer is for.

Any feedback or questions or things I can take close ups of would be appreciated. Also it’s entirely gold plated with a very thick beefy pcb and weighs about 2x my Supermicro EPYC board.

If this board is for EPYC that would be, well Epic as it has a crazy amount of cool features and is likely exposing a lot of bios goodies that are usually hidden.

If you are a serious OC enthusiast I would consider selling it at the right price as I've never seen this much power delivery on a single socket board.


J7SC 01-25-2019 09:34 PM

...you might want to post this on the Threadripper 2990X, 2970X, 2950X etc owners thread here https://www.overclock.net/forum/10-a...s-club-57.html ...there are some folks there who could pass as (or are identified as ?) AMD engineers who write custom Bios for other boards...serious insiders, indeed.

...all that apart, it looks like a great board. Apart from the power delivery, the two (!) Code displays on the bottom right are unusual to say the least. But obviously, folks need to know whether it is for Epyc or Threadripper, and how it works. One serious bit of kit, though :thumb:

720k 01-28-2019 10:47 PM

The most interesting thing i see is the "amd" branded chipset with a heatspreader, both epyc and tr use an asmedia chipset , I'm gonna lean towards a threadripper board, since athe last x16 slot is only wired for 8x, and if it was an epyc board, it should have 128 lanes, so it makes little sense to not use the available lanes, on the plus side, if it really is a dev board, it may beable to boot epyc cpus, since the plaforms are pretty much the same, main issue is whether or not the bios supports them and whether the lockout pin is active.

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