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Eric Green 01-31-2019 12:03 PM

[WTB] RYZEN components.
Building an upgraded machine. My FX6300 has shown its age, so i want to upgrade.

I'm looking for RYZEN CPU, new i was looking at yhe 1500x but if someone has better for a good price ill go that route.

Mo Bo wise im looking at a B350 board, im not picky on brand but if you got one thats good and with grey and orange coloring that would be awesome.

RAM im a being picky on, ive heard from multiple people that the G.Skill Flare works best with RYZEN systems even at lower clock speeds. Im looking at 16gigs of 2400 or better. If someone has this for cheaper than new prices thats what I'm looking for

Last item im getting is a GTX1060 or if someone has a 1080 ti and its not near new pricing we can talk.

Optionally im looking at a SSD boot drive but im not worried about it its lowest priority.

Im considering a 1080ti because one thing i want to do is get a VR headset. And if i can run games on a 1060 in VR well then 1060 will be first on the list and only a really good buy on a 1080ti

Jedi Mind Trick 01-31-2019 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Eric Green (Post 27833308)

You got a rough budget?

I have a TON of Ryzen stuff at the moment.
I have a 1600, an AB350M Pro 4 (reviews aren't the best, but I haven't had any issues with it *knocks on wood*), and DDR4 3000MHz [it isn't FlareX (which is Samsung B Die, which is why people like it for Ryzen systems); also have not had any issues using it on the multiple Ryzen systems I have (too many if you ask me).

I also have an X370 K7 and a 1700X, but figured you might be more interested in the CPU closer to the 1500X.

Feel free to make an offer, not really looking for anything specific for it.

Eric Green 01-31-2019 01:33 PM

The only real reason i was going 1500x was because i was going for a budget of around 600 of new parts from newegg. So really i would be game for the 1700x is the price is good. As for the board and memory. Again, price dictates it. I could buy exact parts if i bought new but it also means giving in some areas. Gimme a few to look at some costs and ill shoot you a pm.

hayhayday 02-02-2019 02:16 AM

I have msi b350 tomahawk 16gb patriot viper 2666 ram(also unmatched 2400 pair for bit less or gskill 3000 pair for bit more) and a ryzen 1400\ 1600 could do a bundle for ~200\225 respectively

Eric Green 02-04-2019 10:01 AM

Going to have to put this on hold. Just lost my job unexpectedly.
So looks like my Purchase needs to be on hold for the time being.

@hayhayday I would be interested in the B350 and the gskill 3000 but not the CPU. I want one of the "X" series for its multi threading.

I'm already putting in Applications so hopefully I'll be employed again shortly.

charlesC8188 02-06-2019 08:45 PM

what 3000Mhz RRd4 do you have?

bluedevil 02-07-2019 07:11 AM

I have a Asus Crosshair IV Hero for relatively cheap.


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