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junglechocolate 03-17-2019 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by CallsignVega (Post 27873284)
I removed the AR film on my Asus PG278QR and it looks AMAZING.

I'd like to find out how you did that lol

junglechocolate 03-17-2019 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by mosmike (Post 27873090)
can't you just peel off the anti glare film that is laid over the polarizer?
- sorry for double post, not sure how to delete.

- I bought the monoprice mp35 monitor/ 100hz, 1440 ultrawide, va panel. When it arrived it had a matte coating. It was unbearable. I did some googling and ultimately laid damp paper towels over the entire screen, kept them damp for 4 hours (screen was face-up) and then I removed the towels and carefully peeled off the anti-glare film. Bam! Glossy screen!

I have no idea if it is this will be bad in the long run since I think the polarizer film that is now exposed could deteriorate? no idea. Also, if the matte film tears while you are removing it, it is very difficult to 'pick it back up' without marring the polarizer it re-applied itself to. Maybe using a little spray bottle with warm soapy water to moisten the under side of the matte film as you peel it back to prevent it from sticking should it tear.

I know you can buy glossy/clear screen protector film but I never bothered to find the right film and/or the right size. It's the same idea as a glossy ipad screen protector I believe.

Anyway, just my experience.


Thanks for the post

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