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DBaer 02-20-2019 04:51 PM

Advice on new build
My present build is now about five years ole. The only real update I have done is to replace my pair of GTX 780's with a pair of GTX 1080Ti's about 18 months ago.
I am going to keep my present Obsidian 900D case mainly because I like the add on slots in the front (new cases seem to not have them).

My priorities are:

High reliability, Very good performance, high end but not necessarily excessive. Good looks and no real limitations.

I will probably use an AIO cooler for the CPU and when choosing components performance and reliability will take precedence over cost.

The changes I am considering are:
I want to use an Intel i9 instead of an i& this time but which one?

I am considering NOT using RAID 0 for my OS and main program drive this time (it seems like the new NVME high end drives are fast enough)

I am also considering using only one GPU this time (I could always add a second one if it really makes a difference later) I could also use my present 1080Ti's to start.

I do game not much in the way of shooters. I do some video and audio editing and lots of Publisher and powerpoint work. I am using two monitors at the present time, My main one is a 4K 43" Dell and the second is also a Dell, 1920 X 1200.

So to start, I have to choose the processor and then the Mobo. I have always used ASUS ROG Mobos but I was not thrilled with the Rampage IV as it had a few failures and while I am willing to stick with ASUS I want to consider other options this time.

Again, the price is always a factor but not the main one. Value is more of a consideration as is quality.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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