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Rangerscott 02-21-2019 11:44 AM

Samsung 863. Still a good ssd?
I know its a bit older samsung enterprise ssd but is it still good? I can get a new 2TB for $215.

From the specs it seems just as fast as any newer sata 6gbs ssd's that are being made today.

I know the endurance is suppose to be very long so thats about the only special thing about it that I know of.

Lady Fitzgerald 02-21-2019 12:01 PM

Going by the specs, there are little significant differences between the 863 and the 860 EVO but, as you said it's an older drive. Samsung SSDs tend to get better in quality with each new model. One possible problem is many enterprise SSDs have far shorter data retention times when left powered down for extended times, sometimes as little as two months, compared to the year or more of newer consumer SSDs. Also, if your source isn't a Samsung authorized distributor, you may have problems should you ever need to make a warranty claim.

A new 2TB Samsung 860 EVO 860 costs around $85 more but I would feel safer getting the newer model.

deepor 02-21-2019 12:08 PM

It seems like it should be a super great drive because of that extra endurance. It's using MLC instead of TLC like what's typical today. It also already has 3D-NAND chips from Samsung and not the previous "planar" ones, so it's not using old technology.

Overall I'm thinking it's better than the modern 2TB SATA drives. It should be a lot more expensive. I'm thinking it's comparable to the current "Samsung 860 Pro" which is $500 for a 2TB size.

Rangerscott 02-21-2019 01:11 PM

Its oem with 0 turn ons. I'm not worried if it doesnt work as Id be covered on that.

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