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SixStones 04-11-2019 12:34 AM

Need Advice, Is my Overclock / Temps / Voltage Safe?
Hey guys. As you can see its been a long time since i was into gaming pc / overclocking. Last i was on this forum was 2009, 10 years ago!

So 10 years later, i have came back to this wonderful hobby.

I just built myself a gaming rig. i9900k + RTX2080TI Waterforce by Aorus

Didnt know overclocking was so simple and straight forward now. But i have lost track of almost everything so i am hoping if any OG members can give me some advice.

Recently i overclocked my 9900k to 5ghz at 1.32v as recommended cooled by a Corsair h100i 240mm radiator

I also overclocked my 2080ti using MSI after burner to +100 core clock, power limit 110 and core voltage +100 to achieve 2085-2100mhz clock speed

So far ive tried running a few bench mark and stress test, im getting good scores.Here are a few questions i have

1 - After several benchmarks and stress test and hours of gaming battlefield 5, i assume that my overclock is stable. But however, i do experience occasional crashes in game. Not BSOD, just that the whole thing freeze and i need to force restart. I dont have any thermal issues. Could it be my overclock is not stable? Because i can run bechmark for several hours without any issues.

2 - My GPU / CPU temps never goes above 60 degree on full load. Gpu wise, it sticks at around 59-60 (61-62 max with on warm days without aircon)
as for my CPU, it lingers around 50-55 on max load 5ghz.

However last night i tried opening up my case to wipe some dust off my GPU backplate and its hot as hell. Also my exhaust fan is blowing some hot air.

To further verify my temps, i used a few softwares and they are all showing the same temps

So temperature wise, i know im far beyond BSOD range. So will this harm my hardware in the long run?

3 - I am not sure if the crashes is caused by my CPU or GPU. I am thinking of increasing my CPU Voltage to 1.34 or 1.35 would that still be in the safe zone? Since temps are not an issue for me , i dont mind getting some extra voltage just to be sure

4 - Also my CPU core clock dosent stay at 5ghz under load, it keeps switching from 4800-4900-5ghz every 1 seconds. Is that normal?? Or i am suppose to only see 5ghz stable

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help me out :)

Just more info,
Motherboard - z390 Gaming Edge ITX motherboard MSI
Ram - 3200mhz 32GB
PSU - Seasonic FX 750w (80+) GOLD

My case is the NZXT H400 with 240mm radiator sucking air on the front, 240mm radiator for GPU on top sucking air in and 1x exhaust fan.

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