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VeritronX 06-13-2019 05:35 AM

This is probably something akin to the "Maximum pre-rendered frames" setting in the nvidia control panel.. which used to have 0 frames as an option but hasn't had options lower than 1 pre-rendered frame since I think kepler launch? I remember I used to have it set to 0 with my GTX480 when that was an option. This also makes sense since nvidia gpu's don't have a hardware scheduler since Fermi so the driver has to have some buffer to work out what it's doing on the cpu.

If this is related to AMD gpu's still using a hardware scheduler then nvidia can't do much about it with any of their currently supported gpus unfortunately.

skupples 06-13-2019 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by m4fox90 (Post 28002186)
Much like how ray-tracing was around for more than a decade?

since DX9!

ilmazzo 06-14-2019 05:21 AM

I expected something like "screw amd, they just glue driver releases each other, nothing new"

JackCY 06-14-2019 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by NightAntilli (Post 28001944)
It actually sounds like nVidia is in damage control mode. Couldn't be, could it?

Yes they are completely OCD about having a response to everything their competition even their partners do. Every single word not just product.

I didn't find a single anti lag setting ever in NVCP or in the linked guides one of which is paid download from some 3rd party for Win optimization! They got squat nothing especially if AMD has lower latency with Navi.

Only some games support Ansel and even those they advertise that do their initial version that I played did not or it was outright disabled because well multiplayer.
The effects are childish at best and only worthy thing in there is screenshot capture at stitched resolutions and automatic conversions to wide angle views.

Freestyle... unless you have GFE bloatware (in beta mode still probably) that injects it into your games you're not getting it. It's effects similar to Ansel, probably of low value unless one needs to fix some crappy in game tonemapping. Still you gotta have GFE installed and running, no thanks. All that people seem to do with Freestyle is oversaturate colors so that they look artificially fake and pop out more on people's poor TN panels. Same FAD that's been going on with NVCP digital vibrance etc.


Ray tracing has been around since CPUs exist.

skupples 06-14-2019 06:08 AM

^^ this,

best part is they have a monetized link for windows optimization...

sticks435 06-16-2019 05:58 PM

It used to be free, so were the game tweaking guides. Then Nvidia started paying him to do TWIMTBP games exclusively around 2011 with Deus Ex:HR and Mass Effect 3.

skupples 06-16-2019 06:26 PM

rep for the history

however, since the article was made in 2018, it's always been a paywall... at least for those who found it via that link. The link NV provided in their terrible rebuttal to AMD's limelight.

is there even a comparable product in the win10 era?

UltraMega 06-16-2019 06:48 PM

I don't see anything in the article to back up the claim in the headline. Is it weird that I knew who the OP was gonna be before I even opened this thread?

There are lots of ways to reduce image quality and in turn reduce input lag/increase FPS. AMD's claim is that if FPS is ~even, they will have lower input times and they backed this up with demos. I'm sure Nvidia will scramble to counter this somehow, but this isn't it.

Stop spreading propaganda for Nvidia.

VeritronX 06-16-2019 07:07 PM

The setting they're reffering to pretty much has to be the max pre-rendered frames one as it's the only one I can think of that's been in there that long and directly effects input lag. Pretty sure the default for most things is 3 frames (or at least I remember it being that for gta5) and you can turn it down to 1 frame these days. If you are running at 60fps locked then setting it to 1 frame would reduce your input lag by ~33.4ms.

The key difference here is AMD can reduce it to 0 frames because they still use a hardware scheduler in their gpu designs, while nvidia is stuck with a minimum of 1 frame delay because they do it in the driver on your cpu.

JackCY 06-16-2019 07:50 PM

The default on most games is 1 pre-rendered frame, if not do yourself a favor and force it to 1 in NVCP but who still uses 3 frames in their game engines?

I suppose Navi still has a HW scheduler and that's good I think. Nvidia moved this kind of load to CPU with Kepler hence their performance is more CPU tied and CPU limited and also loves to cause higher DPC latency as the driver takes long time sometimes/every new launch lol.

Where is that magic setting in NVCP to reduce latency? Please Nvidia do tell us, because pre-rendered frames isn't it, that's something that's supposed to be and is set by the application/game and should only be force changed in NVCP when the change works and doesn't cause issues.
Even Polaris 10 has almost 10ms advantage vs GP106, 3rd party measurements with a high speed camera.
RX580 vs GTX1060
16.87ms vs 25.33ms, no sync
Best cases: 16.87ms vs 18.87ms

There is latency to be cut down in drivers of both corporations. They bloat them endlessly year over year. 500MB NV driver is freakin' unreal. Not that AMD's 352MB is any better. That's some damn lot of code that one can fit into so many MBs.

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