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tatmMRKIV 06-15-2019 04:59 PM

RTX 2080TI FTW3 ULTRA and Hydrocopper block
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So I have a RTX 2080 Ti FT3 Ultra, about 5 months old now. I bought a water block and never got around to installing it because I had to RMA one of these. The screws were on waaay too tight and were poor quality. So, they were going to strip before I got it off. Called EVGA n they wanted me to RMA it. and they sent me this in return, also my case I intended to use this card with didn't fit this thing with a waterblock. Or really at all. bad QC on the case. so I kept the aircooler on n put it on my other rig. cuz my old gpu worked fine in the case.
accessories box is barely opened to confirm what it was so all the cables n such are there

out of the box it does 1980mhz or so, there are some games it gets picky with and needs +15mv. But! this is also with me running tons of things in the background and everything at max settings and an iffy overclock on my cpu. never crashes after that. Has a few hundred hours of gaming on it, no sweat. there is some dust, but thats unavoidable as I live in AZ and I have a special vaccuum and will clean it up before I ship.

I tried overclocking it again and have not had luck with overclocking this card till recently. I think my windows build was messing with alot of things. JUST got +500mhz mem to pass a benchmark (port royal and TSE), but core +103 with +33mv and +124% power limit Time Spy Extreme

waterblock is in open box (like new) condition.
the pic isnt well lit so you can't see it but the 2slot adapter is on the box.
also have red accents for air cooler
890days left on warranty as of 6-15-19 If anything happens I am reachable here and will give addll contact info for RMA with original owner
$1200 shipped with no waterblock
$1310 Shipped in US48 with USPS for less than listed price(not flat rate, big box with alot of bubble wrap n foam), fedex or UPS if you don't try n negotiate price

tatmMRKIV 06-19-2019 07:20 AM

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50 price drop$

and some new results. this is the ultra variant so this is about 2115mhz core

tatmMRKIV 06-24-2019 01:36 PM

price drop

tatmMRKIV 06-26-2019 08:06 PM

out of town from 6/27-7/1
open to offers

tatmMRKIV 07-02-2019 05:06 PM

Price dropped to 1100shipped without block 1200 shipped with

tatmMRKIV 07-15-2019 07:53 AM


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