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rul3s 06-17-2019 08:04 AM

Noctua NH U12S SE AM4 or Corsair H115i PRO [2600x/3600x]
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Hello mates,
As I stated on this topic my "old" Noctua NH U12P is not working well with my actual Ryzen 2600X and I want to replace it.

I was thinking about going the same line, with Noctua NH-U12S AM4 SE or try a the CLC Corsair H115i PRO

Points to consider:
- My case is Phanteks Enthoo Pro M SE full with 4x14cm phanteks fan (2 intake, 2 outtake)
- I apreciate silence, my actual build is very silent IMO
- Price is not a problem, 60€ for the Noctua, and 115€ for the Corsair (on sale)
- I DO overclock, I want to keep my 2600x the coolest and in a future the 3600x, just to let PBO max out speed.
- Aestethics is important to me, never had a CLC but I think that this would be very nice with the Phanteks Halos that I already have.
- I dont want bigger air coolers like NHu15D os similar, I usually move the computer and I dont like the aesthetics on them.

So, what would you do?

EDIT 1: First test with Corsair H115i PRO

Originally Posted by rul3s (Post 28011516)
Hello guys,
Yesterday I've received the Corsair H115i PRO and those are my impresions.

First o fall, mounting it on the top was so ugly, to many space lost, so I was going to mount it on the front.
Mounting it on the front has some problems, so to have it fans on the front pushing air to the cooler on the back, you have to take out the hdd caddy and the plate covering it to let the radiator go lower, and I needed the hdd caddy.
Finally I got it like this:

2 original 14cm fan pushing air botom-middle, radiator mounted on the middle-top, and 2 corsair ML fans on pull also on middle-top.

I didn't like iCUE software, so hard to discover the way to change from silent to balanced profile, now the tests.

CPU [email protected]
PBO settings maxed out
vcore offset -0.875 + LLC Level 6
vsoc 1.025
DRAM [email protected] 1.40v

Noctua NHU12P (old one, 8 years)
Gaming CSGO: 49-53º
Realbench 1h: 78-80º, peak 87º

Corsair H115i PRO SILENT(Config as I described before, 2 fans push, 2 fans pull)
Gaming CSGO: 50-52º
Realbench 1h: 69-73º, peak 84º

Corsair H115i PRO BALANCED(Config as I described before, 2 fans push, 2 fans pull)
Gaming CSGO: 47-50º
Realbench 1h: 64-67º, peak 75º

The main diference on performance about SILENT and BALANCED was the pump RPM's, going silent and PUMT on balanced throwed almost the same perf as all in balanced.
Also, I've found the kit so silent, no as silent as before, but no problem about it.

- I didnt like the cable management, had so many cables from the cpu-block.
- Front mount was not as I expected, not 100% agree with the result.
- I was expecting more performance, like not hitting 70º in realbench

So, I've found one Noctua NHU12A from Review at 70$, I'ver ordered it and I'll be making tests all the weekend and keep the one I like the most, I'll keep you informed guys!


Originally Posted by AlphaC (Post 28014826)
Shouldn't test with PBO. PBO maximizes the CPU power until it hits the limit as long as temperature is below threshold.

If you're testing cooler performance you really need a fixed clockspeed and fixed voltage with a consistent repeatable load.


Originally Posted by rul3s (Post 28016388)
That makes a lot of sense.
Friday when I received the noctua I've made some tests, with H115i PRO before dissasemble I got 67º max temp on realbench.
30 minutes later, with NHU12A, got 74º on max temp with same test.
At first I was thinking about thermal paste, just need time to sit down, but, heatsink was really "hot" so thermal-conductivity was working good.
Maybe PBO was reaching higher than with CLC, I dont know now, but 100% agree that test should have been made with fixed voltage/freqs, now it's to late.
But I'm happpy with the change, NHU12A is not as big as I thought and its working pretty well and silent, so it's OK, but I'll keep in my mind that H115i PRO was performing better, louder, but better.

The Pook 06-17-2019 08:21 AM

if money isn't an issue get whatever you like better.

Buris 06-17-2019 09:49 AM

Have you thought about the NH-U12A? It performs better than both, and has great sound performance as well. Infact, the NH-U12A even beats the Corsair H150i.

NewType88 06-17-2019 10:05 AM

I would get the NH-U12A. Aesthetics are subjective, I personally think air coolers look better than AIO's.

shilka 06-17-2019 10:06 AM

Dont buy a CLC cooler its going to be worse in every way compared to your old NH-U12P

The NH-U12A or NH-D14/15 are better options than the NH-U12S

AlphaC 06-17-2019 10:07 AM

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Don't buy NH-U12S , it's not stronger than other $40-50 coolers at this point such as Scythe Mugen 5 Rev B, Thermalright ARO-M14G (Macho Rev B with AM4 mounting only) , or Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power (one of the strongest slim towers due to 6x 8mm heatpipes). The NF-F12 fan is also rather underwhelming on its own so neither the heatsink nor the fan are standouts.

If you want to buy Noctua I'd probably spend ~$60 on the NH-U14S. It's been shown to outperform the ARO-M14G in some tests and the NF-A14 hasn't been replaced by a better fan yet.

The NH-U12S doesn't have the heatpipes or fin area of other top slim towers which is why NH-U12A came out this year.

If you're looking at watercoolers , even if you want RGB, I'd be looking at full copper solutions such as Swiftech Drive x3 series for ~$160. The step up is from $50 air coolers to $150 copper expandable watercoolers. You can go from a $40-50 air cooler to a $70-90 one but the improvement isn't as large as from a ~$30 4 heatpipe Scyhe Kotetsu MKII/ Be Quiet Pure rock / Cryorig H7 / Arctic Freezer series to a 6 heatpipe Mugen 5 or ARO-M14G.

Buying a H115i is like going from a NH-U14s to a NH-D15s, a few degrees at most unless you have a overclock on a 8+ core CPU pulling over 160W.

see https://nl.hardware.info/reviews/778...j-30-en-40-dbn
When limited to 30dB the Mugen 5 (the Mugen 5 has a 1200rpm fan rather than 1500rpm) outperforms the NH-U12S.
Hyper 212 to Mugen 5 is over 10 degree drop

In computerbase's latest testing on Ryzen 7 CPU overclocked in a highly restrictive Thermaltake F51 case which favors liquid cooling:
Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 52.4 degrees delta temp @ 35.5dBA <--- failed HardOCP testing
Thermalright Macho Rev B 51.2 degrees delta temp @ 37dBA
Mugen 5 50.8 degrees delta temp @ 37dBA
Silver arrow T8 with Noctua fans 48.8 degrees delta temp @ 36dBA (otherwise ~ 48.8 degrees delta temp is achieved with ~ 39dBA)
Noctua NH-D15 49.3 degree delta temp @33.5dBA
Noctua NH-U12A 48.1 degrees delta temp @ 35.5dBA
H115i pro 46.5 degrees delta temp @ 34dBA

Noctua NH-D15 = 44.2degree delta temp @36.5dbA
H115i pro = 41.9 degree delta temp @37dBA

From NH-U12A review
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shilka 06-17-2019 10:07 AM

NH-U12A beats the H100i and the H150i

poah 06-17-2019 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by shilka (Post 28007984)
NH-U12A beats the H100i and the H150i

easy to find other reviews that disagree




shilka 06-17-2019 12:51 PM

Never mind

Shenhua 06-17-2019 02:31 PM

Thermalright aro m14. Big, heavy, cheap, reliable and silent.

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