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sneakyimp 06-25-2019 04:19 PM

pci slot cover madness
I apologize if these seems trivial or if I'm posting in the wrong place. I have empty PCI slots in my computer, which is housed in an Apex TX-381-C case and I need to close these slots. It's very dusty here in LA and lint and dust are a serious problem. I bought these EN Labs ones but they don't have the zig-zag bend on the tab end so that the tab can hook outside the case. Because these covers are very flimsy, I tried creating this zig-zag bend myself but they are still too long and when I screwed the screw in, they bowed and bent, leaving a giant gap between the case and the edge of the cover. I find myself wondering a) is there more than one kind of pci case cover? and b) how can I be sure to get some that fit? It would appear from looking closely at pictures and measurements that lots of pci slot covers lack that extra bend on the tab end and there also appears to be a complete lack of standardization for this item. None of the outlets like Newegg or manufacturers have much in the way of diagrams showing accurate measurements.

Can someone enlighten me? Can someone let me know if these might fit?

The Pook 06-25-2019 04:54 PM

the case you linked has the break out PCI covers. you break them out when you need to put a PCI-E card in and you throw them away. Can you even buy replacement covers for a case like that? Pretty sure you can't. that "style" of PCI cover hasn't been a thing for almost a decade and even back then it was for cheap cases, lol.

buy a new case or duct tape some cardboard over the slots.

Rocklin 06-25-2019 06:24 PM

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*never mind, thought i found one. but optical illusion

sli_shroom 06-25-2019 06:45 PM

so if i got this right, your case (since it had breakout pci slot covers) doesnt have the little slot of the tab at the bottom to slide into. therefore you need the little lip to go over the case edge instead.

if yes..then yes those covers at the second link should work fine

Shadowarez 06-25-2019 07:32 PM

Could check out moddiy I get alot of hard to find pieces from there.

sneakyimp 07-06-2019 01:09 PM

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm pleased to report that I bought these PCI slot covers from Newegg and, although they are almost too short, they are just long enough to do the trick.

andrewmp6 07-06-2019 09:28 PM

The ghetto way is put tape over the gaps.

sneakyimp 07-07-2019 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by andrewmp6 (Post 28028886)
The ghetto way is put tape over the gaps.

Some people have no self respect haha

andrewmp6 07-09-2019 02:13 AM


Originally Posted by sneakyimp (Post 28029984)
Some people have no self respect haha

If its a black case they make black duct tape so it looks classy,Or go redneck with the camo print tape.

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