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Geo2160 07-17-2019 02:37 AM

Acer XV273K vs Samsung CRG9 for games
Dear OCN,

Here's my current setup, which I intend to upgrade in 2019 for HFR/HDR games:
- LG 34UM95 ([email protected], 10bit, IPS)
- LG 27UK600 ([email protected], 10bit, IPS, HDR)

- Ryzen 2700 and 2x 1080ti in SLI to drive them

I like the colors for both of them and I quite enjoyed playing Destiny 2 and DMC5 in HDR, even though I know that HDR is not properly implemented .

IMO, I have two options for upgrading, which would cost about the same:
1) Sell both, get the Samsung CRG9 as my only monitor
- get to keep playing games in ultrawide resolution when I want
- VA means I'll probably get better HDR performance
- Easier to drive due to lower pixel density
- VRR and HDR should work at the same time
- I don't like VA smearing in dark scenes, but I heard Samsung exhibit panel this the least out of all VA monitors
- single monitor means I can't keep a second window open when playing games in fullscreen (mandatory for VRR from what I understand)

2) Sell the 34UM95, get the XV273K, keep the 27UK600. That way, I'll have an HFR 4k and a secondary 60hz 4K.
- multi-tasking
- IPS colors
- higher refresh rate
- better pixel density
- better scaling in older games (720p, 1080p)
- IPS probably means worse HDR performance
- lose ultrawide capability
- XV273K panel lottery does not have very good odds, people complain about IPS glow
- XV273K is full of compromises (two cables for 144hz, lose VRR in HDR games, chroma subsampling when using a single cable, etc)

What would you guys choose? I've been looking for other options, but I haven't found anything better in my country (the LG 34GK950F is more expensive that the CRG9 for example).

Exilon 07-17-2019 04:04 PM

XV273K is a pretty bad monitor. Fairly poor response times in the grey to dark grey transitions, in addition to poor backlight uniformity on left and right edges. Dual cables also loses you Freesync.

I would not recommend the monitor at all.

The XB273K also has the same panel lottery issues but at least the overdrive is fixed so it doesn't hovering around 9ms in grey to grey.

Honestly I wouldn't go with either since the XV273K is bad and the XB273K is a half measure. X27 if you want HFR 4K at 27" or go for something else entirely.

AngryLobster 07-17-2019 04:27 PM

XV273K was $639 on Prime Day which brings it into normal garbage 1440p 144hz IPS monitor price range and will inevitably get cheaper soon. At less than half what a X27 costs, I don't think it's too bad.

Also Dual cable VRR and single cable VRR+HDR works by just enabling movie mode in Acer's widget.


Exilon 07-18-2019 10:30 AM

It doesn't work. The OP never tested if it works past 120hz before posting that thread. If you set 144hz + VRR using the widget hack, it says it's in VRR mode but refresh is static at 144hz.

Even when the VRR mode is working, it's plagued by very poor pixel response times. The monitor is locked "normal" overdrive in VRR mode which gives you >>10ms transitions on most G2G. The average 9.1ms is misleading because it's being pulled down by grey to black transitions.

The XV273K is constantly on sale for a reason. Just get a good 1440p monitor if you're only willing to spend that much.

Malinkadink 07-18-2019 08:14 PM

XB273K is decent i've considered it as it has less lag and better response times than the 1000 nit HDR models and way better than the XV273K for the same reasons. For $1000 at my microcenter its a fair price for a native gsync display, but i think i'll keep waiting for a 32" 4k 144hz in the future thats gsync compatible probably for around $1k also.

Geo2160 07-19-2019 02:45 AM

Do you guys have any opinions on the Samsung CRG9? It's about the same price as the XB273K in my country and it would allow me to go for a single monitor setup.


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