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UltraMega 03-12-2020 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by bigjdubb (Post 28365006)
The economic impact from our extreme reaction mentality is what has me scared. I'm actually more scared of that than I am of heart disease, and heart disease is probably what will kill me.

the sooner the better, you 26 year old-ish liar. I can't think of anything more pathetic than pretending to be someone you're not on a website that's already anonymous.

Diffident 03-12-2020 04:56 PM

That's only assuming that everyone that contracts it, is counted. I've never in my adult life gone to the doctor because of the flu. Who knows how many people that had the corona virus, recovered and no one even knew about it.

UltraMega 03-12-2020 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by ToTheSun! (Post 28365148)
It's actually 7%. The 3% figure is considering all cases, closed and currently being treated. Of course, the mortality rate is, to an uncertain degree, inflated by the poor quality of treatment in certain areas. But, at this stage, I think we can say it's comfortably deadlier than the common flu - at least until we have a vaccine or stronger medicine.

I appreciate you trying to find more info on this but it's not anywhere close to 7%. I've done a lot of info gathering on this, and my gf works at a hospital that is getting more direct info than the general public.

Currently the mortality rate is between 2-3% but that number is inflated right now due to poor testing. I'n places like Iran the mortality rate appears much higher because they're only testing people who are already really sick, so they're not catching the mild cases at all. On top of that, its believed that children wont be showing any symptoms at all most of the time, so we wont know when they are infected unless we start testing everyone.

South Korea has been hit hard, but because they reacted fast and effectively, the number of new cases is dropped drastically and they believe they have the situation under control now. China may not be far behind South Korea, but the US is quote far behind. In South Korea they have drive through testing places. I can't see anything so organized and accessibly happening in the US.

So the data is hard to read right now because testing is poor, but in places that already have good testing the mortality rate is much lower, due to more people who are infected being counted.

None of this is to say we should not be concerned. Even if you are young and healthy, many people are not so we should be worried about minimizing the spread to protect those who are more vulnerable.

skupples 03-12-2020 05:15 PM

shouldn't be concerned about the market. you should be hyped. the correction that's been impending will be overly potent, n it'll be time to buy in again for long haul stuffs.

buy low, sell high.


Originally Posted by UltraMega (Post 28365210)

that's about as much information as a on the 15s news update is giving atm.

ToTheSun! 03-12-2020 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by UltraMega (Post 28365210)
I appreciate you trying to find more info on this but it's not anywhere close to 7%.

I'm reading the official numbers. Everything else is pure speculation on my part.

I said in the very same post that the number is inflated by poor measures. Regardless, strain on healthcare systems, which are palpable, non-theoretical bodies that affect lives in real ways, increases the mortality rate.

I mean, I can quote the estimate they have for a fully prepared country, which is around 0,5%. But that value is meaningless because Europe and, perhaps to a slightly lesser extent, the Americas are terribly ill-prepared.

My country is now talking about measures that will start being enforced monday next week - ones that should have been taken A WEEK AGO. Our healthcare system is in pretty bad shape as is; I don't want to know what will happen when thousands start flooding it real soon.

skupples 03-12-2020 05:20 PM

idk why you even took that retort seriously.

sounded like someone that caught the news on the way home, n dates a nurse.

looniam 03-12-2020 05:28 PM

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its just millennials getting back at the boomers for having all the money . . .

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skupples 03-12-2020 05:32 PM

inheritance comes early for many mils this year.

makes you wonder if someone tinkered with it before it got out. I bet I could go find some epic theories over on infowars, think i'll not though lol.

Lexi is Dumb 03-12-2020 05:42 PM

Is anyone even going to miss it? Doubtful that there might have been an AMD announcement again this time, Sony doesn't show up anymore anyway and Xbox has already detailed the Series X elsewhere. No one remembers 90% of games showcased because its such a giant cluster---- with too many trailers one after another and in between ridiculous spectacles, dev conferences overlapping on top of all that - pc gaming show just going on the whole time mostly with nothing to say so you miss some conferences altogether if you're there. i'd argue it got too big and too much like a circus to be useful, it's difficult to wade through the insane amount of noise.

Our federal government is giving significant funding to preparation, research, treatment etc within our healthcare system- even rurally. People are immediately entitled to a sick pay pension if told to go home from work, on top of a huge stimulus package for small and medium businesses, funds for keeping apprentices/trainees hired etc to keep the economy running through all of this. Amazing that a country can be the first to officially label it a pandemic and still give a general sense of confidence and stability, I rarely agree with our overlords but today I feel reassured.

skupples 03-12-2020 05:46 PM

its been fascinating to watch the convention scene go mainstream though.

wonder if devs/etc will stream out what they were gonna show instead.

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