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ThePope 03-11-2008 08:30 PM


Have you ever wondered about How to ship a fragile piece of Hardware? I'm sure most of us guru's and Over-clockers have. I remember a while back, when CyberDruid, received a Hard Drive, in a small little dinky box, with no cushion or padding to protect the Hard Drive. After seeing people's ignorance and unwillingness to protect and properly package there fragile Hardware, I have decided to create this tutorial. This tutorial\\how to, will aim at showing the seller that it is OK to spend an extra $10.00 to protect there fragile Hardware. This tutorial will also guide a seller, to the proper way of packaging a Hard Drive to make sure it makes it to the buyer in outstanding condition.

Getting Started:
(Necessary Supplies)
  • Packing Peanuts.
  • Shipping Scotch Tape.
  • Proper Size Box.
  • Roll of Bubble Wrap.
  • Anti-Static Bags.
  • Fragile Stickers.
You can get Packing Supplies, and Anti-Static Packing supplies Here!

Packing Peanuts:

Packing peanuts or popcorn, are a great inexpensive way to create a good cushion for fragile Hardware. I suggest packing peanuts be used with any shipment of fragile goods. You should create a nice cushion bed for the Bubble Rapped Hardware to sit on. The layer should be around 5-6 inches thick. (Depending on box size). Packing peanuts is a must for Properly Packaging fragile goods.

II. Shipping Tape:

Shipping tape is a great way, for securing box lids and taping Bubble Wrap around Hardware or Fragile goods. Shipping tape is a cheap inexpensive way to secure a box. Shipping tape is a must for Properly Securing a box shut.

III. Proper Size Box:

I can not stress this enough. You must get the proper size box for your item(s) that you are shipping. If you do not, you can possibly be wasting supplies for no reason at all, or you might not be putting enough cushion in the box. Estimate. Use your brain. Its powerful. Use your eyes and brain to estimate the box size. Calculate out in your brain or estimate how much cushion is needed for the item you are shipping. Make sure you have at least 5 inches or so, of packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. Also make sure that you have enough room for another 4 inches or so, of Packing peanuts on top of the item that you are shipping. When getting your box, make sure the box is firm and does not bend easily, Try to get the best box on the shelf. If you are not sure on box size, Go out to a shipping store, such as Fedex or UPS. They can help you calculate the right box for your needs. Proper Size shipping Boxes are a must to making sure your package arrives in one piece.

IV. Bubble Wrap:

Ah, Bubble Wrap. Possibly the best invention in the world. So freaking fun to play with, smash with your feet and hands. The popping sound is irresistible. Thank gosh it has many uses. Bubble Wrap is great for adding extra Protection to Fragile items. I suggest, really wrapping anything in bubble wrap, when shipping. Wrap Fragile items a couple times around with bubble wrap. You can hold it intact with tape. Bubble Wrap is a must for protecting items from scratching and force damage.

V. Anti-Static Bags:

So, Lets use are brain. Most Over-clockers and hardware enthusiast know that static is bad for any type of computer hardware. This is why it is mandatory, that you use an Anti-Static bag, any time you ship a component or electronic device. If you do not use a Anti-Static bag, you risk damaging the hardware, even if everything is packaged properly.

Fragile Stickers:

Fragile Stickers are a way to inform the company shipping the product to the buyer that the contents of the package is...well...fragile. This "Fragile" Sticker also informs the trained worker not to drop or throw the package to the front door. Fragile Stickers are a must while shipping fragile components.

Time to Pack!

I. Step One:

Open Up the box. Inspect the box. Make sure there are no apparent dents or holes in the box. If there are no apparent problems with the box, keep it and use it. If you find that there is a problem with the box, try to buy a new one, or if you are rushed for time, try to repair it.

Once the box is open, find the bottom of the box, Fold the flaps down, and tape the 2 flaps together. Tap the flap 4-6 times with tape. After you have secured the bottom of the box, proceed to Step Two (II).

II. Step Two:

Place the Hardware or electronic device that you are going to ship into a Anti-Static bag, and secure the end of the bag with a couple pieces of tape. (Shown in Image Below).

III. Step Three:

Tape the sides of the Anti-Static Bag to the Item. (Shown in image Below)

IV. Step Four:

In this step we will need to break out are super duper Bubble Wrap. Wrap the item quite a few times until you feel that it has enough cushion for the Journey. Then Tape the Bubble Wrap. (Shown in Picture Below).

V. Step Five:

Place the Packing Peanuts into the bottom of the box. Make sure you place enough inside the box so the Peanuts go almost half way up. (Shown in Picture Below)

VI. Step Six:

This is not a mandatory step. However, if you are paranoid about how people handle your packages, I suggest following this step. Basically all I did was take some rectangular cut outs of foam and place one on the bottom of the Hard Drive, and place the other Half on the Top of the Hard Drive, and then wrap it twice in Bubble Wrap, then taped it together. So, we basically have a HDD Sandwich! NOM NOM NOM! ( Shown in Picture Below).

Step Seven:

In this step, we put the Hard Drive, into the box, and make sure it is resting on a nice bed of Packing Peanuts. (Shown in Picture Below).

VIII. Step Eight:

In this step of the process we stuff the rest of the box with Packing peanuts, and make sure we have the whole box filled with Packing peanuts. You can shake the box around a little bit to get the Peanuts to settle a bit. Leave around 2 Inches or so of clearance at the top so that you can properly secure the lid in the next step. (Shown in Picture Below).

IX. Step Nine:

In this step, we are finally finishing up the packing process. All we need to do if fold the lids down and secure the lids with Packaging tape. Make sure you do a couple passes with the tap to make sure the lid will not come un-done during the transit time. In this step we also want to place the Fragile sticker onto the box. You can place one on each side or just on the top of the box. It is up to you. I am going to place mine on-top of the box. ( I do not have any Fragile stickers right now, all out)

Final Product:

Mhmm sexah box!

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide\\how to. I hope if helps the people that do not know how to package a device properly. Please feel free to leave comments (good or bad). Thanks.


Xombie 03-11-2008 08:33 PM

Helpful guide, but it's kind of ironic that that is around 20 times more protection than what Western Digital sent my 500GB Caviar in. It came in a tiny box with no bubble wrap nor packing peanuts but an anti-static bag and cheap plastic stabilizers that mounted the drive on opposite ends.

Also note that bubble wrap by itself provides anti-static protection to pieces of hardware, such as hard drivers.

justarealguy 03-11-2008 08:36 PM

Good post. You should make note to use the big buble wrap, not the little crap.

Much better for those HDDs.

Oh yeah, you can't link images to an FTP server lol. Unless we can all log in there O_o

microman 03-11-2008 08:39 PM

seems a bit excessive but nice guide anyway! rep +

shinji2k 03-11-2008 08:39 PM

Fragile stickers = waste of time. My mother works for USPS and I have friends who have worked for UPS. At least one point in your package's journey it will be tossed 10-20 feet in to a bin while it's being sorted. If you want your package handled with care it costs a lot extra, for example when shipping bees.

Sonic 03-11-2008 08:44 PM

Originally Posted by shinji2k View Post
Fragile stickers = waste of time. My mother works for USPS and I have friends who have worked for UPS. At least one point in your package's journey it will be tossed 10-20 feet in to a bin while it's being sorted. If you want your package handled with care it costs a lot extra, for example when shipping bees.
No need for extra fees for extra care, just use a lot of bubble wrap.

shinji2k 03-11-2008 08:45 PM

Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
No need for extra fees for extra care, just use a lot of bubble wrap.
Oh yeah no need for special services, just pack it in preparation for a 10 foot drop.

mrtn400 03-11-2008 08:46 PM

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IV is 4 because the I comes before the V, so it's V-I or 5-1
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ThePope 03-11-2008 08:52 PM

Updated Roman Numerals.

ThePope 03-13-2008 01:25 PM


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