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InnerDrive 09-23-2009 12:32 PM

did a lott of looking around for something affordable and good, i got this one eventualy:


2494HM samsung, its a 1920x1080 screen and i really regret buying it now.

Everything on it is good, very good stand, capable of very nice image quality..

But GOD this 1920x1080 resolution that it has that i thought woud be acceptable really aint.. its beyond anoying (i got another samsung, a 245a connected to it that supports 1920x1200 and it runs/fits perfect on that resolution)

Text looks like crap on this one... blurry letters.

And worst of all , 1920x1080 like its claimed to support does not fit on the screen, its way bigger than the screen. i can only force it to the correct size with nvidia control panel but than the text looks even worse, nvidia only stretches in software wise and it looks crap. 1838x1030 fills up the whole screen

Anyone got any experience with this? The screen is connected to the HMDI output on my video card.

Why does text on my screen appear malformed blurry and why does the resolution 1920x1080 not fit on it ? it is a 1920x1080 screen?

Anyone know a way to contact samsung by mail?

FlyingMojo 09-23-2009 03:40 PM

I think I'm having the exact same problem. I am running the 2494HM monitor off my Dell XPS M1530 (nVidia 8600M video card) and can't quite get the image to look right. I've tried two set-ups and had two different problems:

1. Using the D-sub (Analog) connection produces a clear 1920 X 1080 image with the correct 'fit' on the screen, but also produced some 'noise.' Very faint lines were visible in darker areas and at minor viewing angles.

2. Using the HDMI output produces exactly what you described. The native image is stretched beyond the border of the monitor and using the nvidia controls to bring the image in doesn't produce a crisp image at all. Also, the settings through the monitor are disabled when using HDMI... not sure why.

I'm thinking about trying to use a HDMI -> DVI converter to use the DVI input on the back of the monitor. Not sure why this would produce a better image, but beyond this i'm returning the monitor for a better quality one. Anyone else experiencing this?

InnerDrive 09-23-2009 04:20 PM

I fixed it myself , all i needed to do was use anything but the HDMI

HDMI is not working properly.

I used the DVI output on my gfx card and my DVI input on my screen and it works perfectly. Now i can like trow my HDMI cable in the bin..

If i try using the HDMI interface it does not support/fit the 1920x1080 properly and text is displayed crappy. only problem now is that my graphics card aint 2x DVI so i needed to use a D sub for my old screen but i gues ill have to live with that..

So ye the 2494HM does not properly support/fit a 1920x1080 output from a PC tru the HDMI interface, need to use a DVI interface. Funny thing is that this screen model is specifically designed so you can connect hdmi to it... theres 4 models of 2494 and only 2 of them allow HDMI connections. the HM being one of em.

I wonder if Samsung is aware of this? Any way to contact them?

texinmotion 10-29-2009 01:39 PM

I came to this forum when searching for others with a Samsung 2494HM display that looked blurred and big or caused severe artifacts when in native resolution - when driven through the HDMI interface (only, i.e. DVI and analog look fine). Looks like I'm not alone!

Well, after stumping both Samsung and Dell (XPS M1330 laptop) tech support, I found that one of the monitor's own menu options (under Setup if you scroll down far enough) is "AV mode." It can be toggled on or off, but seems to come pre-configured as ON for HDMI from the factory! Everything looks great now that it's off.

Interestingly, other people who bought other makes of LCDs were also posting similar complaints about the overscan problem when using HDMI...maybe it's not just Samsung.

thomith 11-06-2009 08:43 AM


Many thanks! You saved me! And big time!

But one more thing that has to be done in order to get it working: go to the Catalyist Control Center and switch scaling in the scaling options to 0%. Then it's all fine.

texinmotion 11-06-2009 10:34 AM

Hi Thomith,
Good point!

From the name Catalyist Control Center, I guess yours is an ATI-based graphics card? Mine is nVidia, but it's probably the same situation: In the display-specific control panel, "Change flat panel scaling" and things with similar names should be turned off or set to "Use my display's built-in scaling". I'd done that earlier but forgot about it when the problem persisted. Glad you found it.

BTW, 1 week in, and am still pretty happy with the 2494HM.

thomith 11-07-2009 01:36 AM

Yes - mine is an ATI, indeed.

Cool that now here's the solution for both ATI and nVidia, guess quite some people will be happy to get them.

Btw, Samsung obviously doesn't know about this. At least not the support guy who came back to me. He suspected the HDMI port to be defective... Anyway, I told them by now - hopefully they will make use of the knowledge...

And I, too, am still very happy with it! Had a BenQ V2400W before, but only for a short time. No comparison with the Samsung re color and smooth lighting.

jthg 11-10-2009 11:12 PM

Wow!!! Textinmotion - https://www.overclock.net/monitors-di...ml#post7519751 - worked like a charm. I signed up here to add in one more bit of very important information:

After you turn off the AV mode, the text is crisp as all get out, and the audio still works!!!

I am still having a bit of a trouble getting the monitor to go to sleep when I put my laptop to sleep... maybe HDMI can't put a monitor to sleep?

texinmotion 11-11-2009 12:57 AM

Hi jthg, that is good news.
Do post if you find an answer about linking a laptop's sleep mode with that of the monitor, that would be really helpful. So far, I'd set the monitor to a four-hour delay for its sleep mode. Sadly, it does exactly that: regardless of activity on the laptop, the monitor goes to sleep every four hours... Obviously, there's nothing in the signal on the HDMI line that indicates typing, but it should at least power-down when no signal is detected. I've not chased that problem though, and maybe another thread on this forum has some tips for us...

squish 12-07-2009 09:35 AM

Our company bought around 20 of these earlier this year and they have been a disaster since day one. We have had numerous native-resolution issues on about 5 of the monitors. Sometimes the monitor will display the 1920x1080 resolution with about 2 inches of black bars on either side of the image. Other times, after setting to native, the screen will get distorted and display about 16 small boxes containing miniature versions of the desktop all skewed and distorted.

2 of the monitors have black vertical lines about 3 pixel-width wide that we can't get rid of.

Not only that, many of the people here use handheld radios to communicate around the building. If they use the radio anywhere near these monitors, they go absolutely haywire and start flickering on and off, or will go into an infinite loop of switching between the magicbright settings. Very bizarre!

Samsung stopped producing these monitors and no longer support them. If you contact them about replacement, they will try and ship you a 2443BW instead, which of course doesn't have speakers.

Disappointing to say the least. These things were an administrative nightmare.

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