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zodac 07-11-2010 02:57 PM

The new Team Competition is here!

Caps are gone, there is no longer a need to Fold under a separate name, and no need to split the competitions into GPU and Original competitions. So you can now Fold for your team, without having to lose points on your primary username.

The current format of the competition will continue until the 31st of July, at which point we will then move to this new system. Please do not post in the current Team subforums; there will be a new one for this competition ready as soon as possible.

Here are the rules:

Team Members

Each Folder may only be part of one category; you may Fold on an i7 or Fermi. Not both.

1) All teams must include one of each of the following categories:

• i7 (SMP or -bigadv)
• Fermi (or both cores of a GTX 295)
• Quad/x6

2) They must also include just one of the following categories:

• 2x ATi 5 series (or 4870x2/4850x2)
• 3x ATi 3/4 series (not including 4870x2/4850x2)
• 1x nVidia 200 series
• 3x 8/9 series below 800 in that series (GT220s are also eligible)
• 2x nVidia 8/9 series above 800 in that series (GT240s are also eligible)
• 9800GX2/5970
• 2x Triple core CPUs
• 3x Dual core CPUs

*Note: you can have one Folder, or multiple Folders in this section. For example, you can have one Folder with 2 9800GTs, or 2 Folders with one each.

3) You are allowed 1 wild card member, who may Fold on any single piece of hardware.

This means a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 7 members per team.


Each piece of hardware, not each member, requires its own passkey. We ask that you use fresh passkeys for the team competition, so you will need to re-qualify for bonus points for SMP and -bigadv Folding; you have the rest of July to do that though.

You will need to use a new email address for this new passkey though; using the same one as before will just result in you getting the same passkey.

Managing Teams

To register a team, or a member for a team, PM both myself and bluedevil. in the message, include:

• Your Folding username
• Your Team
• What piece (or pieces) of hardware you will be Folding on
• Your passkey (this will only be available to Editors)

Editors may request proof that a team or team member is following the rules at any time.

That's about it for now. Anyone interested in making a team, start PMing other people who may be interested, or go into the current team subforum (link), since they will be looking to expand/rebuild their teams too. There will be a "Looking for a team" thread posted soon, but I can't say when. So for now, try and get some friends together and build a team up like that.

Since this can be a little confusing, feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.

The Folding Editors

zodac 07-11-2010 05:26 PM

Now error free.

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