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Overclock.net Related News and Information

Overclock.net forum related information only. The forum is not for overclocking questions.
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Committees & Focus Groups

Overclock Labs

Private forum for Overclock Labs review program members
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Industry News

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Hardware News

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Technology and Science News

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Rumors and Unconfirmed Articles

A discussion area for rumors, musings, and articles from sources that lack evidence or otherwise cannot be confirmed as 'news'.
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Overclockers Care

Overclock.net BOINC Team

Join Overclock.net's BOINC team and help us expand our distributed research efforts!
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AMD www.AMDForum.net

AMD - General

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AMD Motherboards

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Intel www.IntelForum.net

Intel - General

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Intel CPUs

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General Hardware

For brand-independent discussion, or other overclocking questions that don't fit anywhere else
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General Processor Discussions

Use this forum to compare and contrast multiple CPU manufacturers, or to discuss manufacturers which don't have their own dedicated forum elsewhere on the forums
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Prebuilt PCs

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Graphics Cards www.GraphicsCards.net
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Graphics Cards - General

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Benchmarks www.Benchmarks.net
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Cooling www.Cooling.net

Air Cooling

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Water Cooling

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Specialized Cooling

Peltiers / TECs, Phase Change, Dry Ice, LN2, and other experimental cooling discussions
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Cooling Experiments

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Other Cooling Discussions

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Volt Mods www.VoltMods.com
Specialty Builds


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Silent Computing

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Case Mods & Cases www.CaseMods.net
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Sponsored Builds & Case Mods

Case mods that include donated/sponsored gear. Please see this thread for more info on how to post here. Sponsored threads are not allowed elsewhere in the forum.
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Builds, Logs & Case Mods

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Components www.ComponentForum.net


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Power Supplies

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Sound Cards and Computer Audio

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Monitors and Displays

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...and mousepads, too!
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Network Hardware

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Other Peripherals

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Computer Room / Office

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Mobile Computing Forum www.MobileComputingForum.com


Windows, Android, iOS, or otherwise - talk tablets here!
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Laptops and Netbooks

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Video Games www.VGForum.com

PC Gaming

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Video Games - General

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Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing - General

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Software, Programming and Coding

Networking & Security

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Consumer Electronics


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Home Audio

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Video Cameras

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3D Printers

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Overclock Marketplace

Marketplace Rules

*Required Reading Before Using The Marketplace*
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Completed Transactions

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Vendor Deals

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Everything Else

Website Development

Are you a webmaster or aspiring to be one? This is the place for you.
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  1. <p><span style="font-size:small;">CopperTop</span><span style="color:#FF0000;"><span style="font-size:x-large;"><b>**This is now The OFFICIAL** HeatKiller 3.0 Club</b></span></span><br><br><img alt="" src="http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww299/Jason4i7/sidewindercomputers_2062_17537429.jpg"...
  2. I always had this doubt, will it give better thermals a build with an AIO with standard (25mm) fans in a pull or push setup, or a setup with the same AIO but with slim (15mm) fans in a push-pull setup?
  3. Source So, if correct, rumors about Big Navi roughly matching Turing in RT seems to be about right. If true and the price is correct, this card's a winner. 6900XT should be a monster.
  4. Acool £184 vs £77 Monsoon I've never done hard tubing but I want to make sure that i do it right and I am interested in these kits. I could possibly consider paying for the acool because I like that it comes with the grate so you can easily attach the mandrels etc. rather than screwing screws...
  5. Drive had maybe 5 TiB written. Now it's not even recognized by BIOS.
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