How To – Fix Intel CPU + Geforce GTX SLI – Sudden Hitching/Stutter In Games (Fullscreen 3D)

Geforce GTX SLI


  • Issue was introduced recently.
  • Game freezes periodically around every 15 seconds or more, for no more than 100ms~250ms… just enough to piss you off while sniping in BF4.
  • Hiccups in audio, audio distortion, audio static spike, etc.
  • Occasional crashing in DirectX 11 too.

Originally thought it was DPC latency… I was wrong.

It seems to be triggered when moving your mouse and pressing keys down on the keyboard, troubleshooting steps began with each individual device, then new devices, then USB drivers, then DPC latency, then guessing something wrong with the chipset.

Example of the Hitching:

A period of just leaving a game idle, rendering to screen, followed by simple movements of the mouse while running forward.

Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield 4
Final Fantasy XIV – Heavensward

It was an update from Intel that came through Microsoft, but the update is actually a good MEI for 1150/1151. So I checked with Intel to see if there was a corresponding INF update for the chipset.

In addition to that, it also seems prevalent on latest nVidia drivers, could not reproduce it when testing older nVidia drivers, aka 347.25.

Installing the latest Intel INF Chipset Update, located here:
The chipset doesn’t really install drivers anymore, it does however configure some settings on the machine as part of a successful install.

Alternative Cures
1.) Flipping between Fullscreen and Window using ALT + ENTER in game. Takes 3 or 4 times for it to resolve the issue. It seems starting the game in a window then full screen then an ALT + TAB triggers the issue. Since you can’t start it like a regular game for whatever asinine reason, the only resolution is to keep ALT + ENTER going until you have a Fullscreen without hitching occurring.

2.) Running Window Borderless mode. You lose performance over fullscreen but SLI is still technically supported in Window mode. At this point though… I would also consider disabling SLI if that’s feasible.

Confirmed working on Z97 chipset. If you get this issue and this resolves it, please post your success.

2 thoughts on “How To – Fix Intel CPU + Geforce GTX SLI – Sudden Hitching/Stutter In Games (Fullscreen 3D)”

  1. INF renames the device list to the proper device name. Surprised that the INF actually fixed the issue since no drivers are installed, thus no configuration changes.

  2. I was too Bradley, the INF Chipset change really through me through a loop. I was shocked that it doesn't install drivers anymore.

    It does make configuration changes, and it maybe power related. I honestly think its a driver change that nVidia is making on installation. I do recommend the alternative cures though and disabling OSD, which I should add to the article. Afterburner / RivaTuner and BF4 are a big no-no now.

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