Kingston Hyper X Fury Black 2x8GB 1600mhz Cl10

Kingston Hyper X

One of the best looking sticks of 2014 received decent reviews, due to it’s good budget and automatic overclocking. Normally an issue, you have to set RAM clocks within the bios, where these are automatically set in both AMD and Intel systems. Aesthetically appealing for anyone who has a black and white or solid black build.
These sticks do have a poor latency than the average 1600mhz kit, coming in at default 10-10-10-30-1. CL10 is considerably low for 1600mhz, and when testing a lower latency at default clock speeds, I was only able to access 9-10-9-27-1. However when increasing the frequency I was able to hit some significantly better numbers up to 2200mhz 1.65 Volts 14-14-14-42-2. From 20gb/s 60ns up to 35gb/s 50.7ns
Launching large programs such as windows are noticeably faster at this clock the system posts and is fully loaded in under a second. It’s 100% stable with no errors in microsoft’s memory diagnostics.
Other Benched Settings (Click to show)

One thought on “Kingston Hyper X Fury Black 2x8GB 1600mhz Cl10”

  1. Interesting, this play of bandwidth vs latency.
    I wonder how low can RAM /memory latency go! 50ns is still relatively huge when comparing to some 40ns seen in the past on other/older systems.

    You see, RAM bandwidth of 32GB/s is nice but in some cases latency matters more, like my latest LZSS decompressor which speed performance is decided mostly by RAM reads i.e. outside the L1/L2/L3.

    Your AIDA test is very useful, it shows how newer CPU-RAM subsystems degrade performance in latency department, I saw X99 reaching 70ns, pfu.

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