My Generation Kboard Mouse And Controller Camps

My Generation?

(KBoard/mouse and Controller camps)

Hi Guys

Strong actions provoke equally strong reactions, and getting into PC gaming after many years of console use, i heard* about the 2K Bioshock 2 'prejudice' against the 360 or whatever controller on PC. if you like KB/M for gaming or a Controller it doesn't matter. these are only tools, not people, not people who are stealing your niche, I know about niche's and integrity, I was trained as a musician, selling out, which is what 2K thought they would be doing by pandering to crossover players, but it only turned into bitterness and 'LEETism' imo.

Perhaps one day, these tools will cross all boundaries, perhaps that will be the humble controller, the 360 is just a PowerPC after all. hmmm.

But to be fair.. the controller does not function as a 'complete' tool, as many PC gamers would miss the extra options, 104/114/124 keys is better than 14 and an 8 way? surely? my own bias opinions keep cropping up, like the Keyboard was acceptable for 80's text based adventures, the controller was designed for games.. but y'know that's exactly the sort of stupid bias i would like to see end.

And the mouse outshines the analogue stick any day of the week.

But it doesn't matter. you use these tools for you to enjoy yourself, not listen to bias camp rhetoric from either side.

I actually resent the keyboard and mouse as it makes me feel stupid.. not just uncomfortable but stupid.. which i hope I'm not. To enjoy my games, i like to switch off to the controls and just play.. but with so many keys on the keyboard versus so many consoles under my belt, how can I learn this new language ..when i was already happy with my old one… isn't the idea of games to have fun?

2K made a stand against controller based PC gaming, ..was it their intention to make me feel stupid? why didn't they want me to enjoy their game on PC? I am a generational gamer.. what am I to do?

they said 'the team had worked hard on the interface and that could not be translated using a controller'*

to answer this, i say, I used Xpadder fine and completed the game fine.

perhaps leet is not something you are but something you do*.



*only recently, as I'm new to PC gaming

*quoted from memory

*the programmer of Xpadder, Jonathan Firth

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