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02-21-2020 05:08 AM
bonet69 Nice! You should try to overclock a little maybe like 4.0Ghz or 4.2Ghz, should be easy peasy, and you wont regret it, from i7 920 at stock would be like a huge steep.
02-19-2020 10:03 PM
m4shroom hey guys. Finally my x5675 came in and installed it.my board is gigabyte ex58-ud5, bios f13. I just installed did nothing special.It works like a charm. I think my cooler akasa nero (first revision with 3 copper pipe,bought it at 2010) isnt best but still x5675 runs like 10 degrees cooler maybe a little more than my i7 920.

at stock speeds and specs after 10 minutes prime95
02-18-2020 04:47 PM
bonet69 My current setup built in 2009, still working fast with some changes!

Box CM HAF 922 - Asus P6T DELUXE V2 - Intel Xeon W3690 @ 4.5 Ghz - LR Enermax Liqmax II 240 - Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super 8GB Gaming OC- 24Gb DDR3 Mushkin 2133 CL9 @ 2000Mhz - 1TB NVME Sabrent Rocket (DUET UEFI + Adaptor PCIE) - TACENS RADIX VII 800w - Monitor MSI MAG27CQ 2k 144hz

02-12-2020 02:20 AM
sgor A little update on my case, for future reference if anyone happens to have the same issue (and for myself).

A Xeon X5687 (4 cores, 3.60GHz base, 3.86GHz turbo, 12MB cache) on a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R with 24GB RAM (latest original BIOS FK, this board has 4 slots wired as 1-channel_A, 1-channel_B, 2_channel_C with 1x8GB+1x8GB+2x4B to keep it in triple channel mode) since switching from a i7 920 D0 was taking some time to post and always with a "overclock failed" message (though no overclock was done) that required a press of Enter to skip and continue booting up. As it's running as a headless server rebooted only rarely and without people nearby most of the time the POST problem was solved with a Raspberry Pi Zero emulating a keyboard and pinging the server every 5 seconds, if the ping failed it emulated a keypress of Enter. Worked flawlessly like this without any issues for months.

As this CPU is one of the fastest for 1366 platform already from factory, the fastest "normal" CPU clockwise, and it's running as a server I really wasn't interested in overclocking it. It did worry me however that after some bootups OpenHWMonitor was showing the DRAM voltage was 1.6ish, probably it was auto overvolting it as part of the "overclock failed - long post time" procedure, it wasn't extremely overvolted but higher than I'd like, I didn't want to burn my DDR3s too quickly. Memory is running at "stock" 1333 (stock for the 32nm upgraded Xeon, originally both X58 and the 45nm i7 920 D0 I had on it were limited to 1066 IIRC).

I was always considering trying a modded BIOS or find the time to mod one myself with the latest microcode as recomended, but I'm usually at least 6km away from the box and it's running headless, it wasn't going to happen anytime soon... so, considering the high dram voltage and a comment here regarding a bugged uncore multiplier on the stock bios' microcode (stuck at 20x?), I connected a monitor (a CRT even!) to the box and started playing around and found a configuration that so far "fixed" the "overclock failed" long-post problem, at least for now and after ~10 trial reboots.

What I did was kept everything as stock as posible, with all voltages to NORMAL instead of AUTO (always do this because I don't want bioses auto-overvolting behind my back), I lowered the QPI multi and increase the Uncore. The QPI is now at 44x, originally the i7 "destkop/workstation" x58 line had the QPI at 4.8GTs/multi 36x, while the "server" line ran it at 6.4GTs/multi 48x, so 44x is around the middle, certainly fast enough for this rig, probably 36x or less would still be fast enough on a single CPU board like this. The Uncore on the other hand was overclocked from default 20x (2666MHz) to 24x (3192MHz), no overvolting was needed to keep it prime95-stable, this should give the 12MB L3 cache a little push and maybe moving away from the 20x multi was the key. Also, it shows that the multi wasn't "stuck at" 20x, but maybe the poster meant that it was bugged at 20x and would work ok if moved away from that? However, in a way, now this rig is "officially overclocked" again. I don't really know if the key was either moving the Uncore multi away from 20x, or lowering the QPI from 48x (remember this mobo was made for 36x QPIs), or a combination of factors, but it now POSTs quickly with no errors and with the DRAM voltage at 1.5 where it should always be.

Thanks for the help so far, will update here if anything changes and sorry for the wall of text.

PD: I also joined the 1155 Xeon ranks recently with a sister box running at the side of my X5687, a E3 1270 on a Z68MA-D2H-B3 and 32GB @1333 , but it being almost exactly the same as a gpu-less i7 2600 it somehow feels "less", it's certainly faster than this X5687, supports AVX, it's better all around as a platform but I still "care" a lot more for X58 if it somehow makes sense... Maybe it's the feeling that X58 is "server-grade iron brought down to the destkop" vs "yeah, it's still just desktop Sandy Bridge"...
02-10-2020 11:15 PM
nofearek9 if you are using stock i7 cooler ,thats the problem.
+prime95 is hardcore bench stress a lot the cpu in usual work temps will not go that high.
02-10-2020 09:58 AM
My introduction

Hey everyone, I've just joined the ranks of Xeon convert! I originally built my desktop about a decade ago with an i7 920 and Asus P6TSE mobo and it has served me well over the years (gaming, HTPC, server, etc), with no problems. I recently read about how cheap the Xeon X56xx chips have gotten and decided to give it a shot to see if I could get a little more performance out of this rig for the rare times I get a chance to game. My last game played was GTA V and I'm not sure if there's many more new games I can play with the i7 or my GPU.

Anyway, I bought an X5670 (2.93 GHz) for $20 on eBay and dropped it in. It fired right up and my my Cinebench 20 score went from 734 to 1484! Neither the i7 nor the Xeon were OC'd for these scores. In all the years of using the i7, I never attempted to overclock it, even though it was a D0 chip and supposedly was pretty good for overclocking. So seeing how cool it was to double my benchmark score by just dropping in this chip, I decided to do a little research online and attempt to overclock it (my first time trying a CPU overclock).

I found an old post that suggested the following:
- Disable turbo mode and C1E
- Set the BCLK Frequency to 170
- Set the CPU Voltage to 1.25
- Set the DRAM Frequency, UCLK Frequency, and QPI to the lowest values offered
- Set the QPI/DRAM Core Voltage to 1.25

This got me up to 3.74 GHz and seems stable with a Cinebench 20 score of 1668! My temps at idle are around 30C, temps while video encoding with all 12 cores was ~77C, but the real worry was when the temps hit 90C while running Prime95. I'm going to do some research to see what I can do to drop that.

Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to introduce myself to the Xeon club!
01-20-2020 06:06 AM
xxpenguinxx If you plan on using registered ECC RAM, it needs to be 2Rx8. Other configurations won't post. You will need to enable ECC in the BIOS to get full functionality. If it's not available the RAM will still work, it just won't have error correction.
01-18-2020 01:24 PM
nofearek9 anyhing with 6 cores will give you boost from a x5650 to 5675 which might be a litttle easier to overclock you will pay around 20$ or less
got mine from this store : https://www.aliexpress.com/store/gro...11379533.1_0_4

sine ecc ram are working on some motherboards there is no guarantee,you have to buy them and try or find someone with the exact board that made it work,someone here with similar board (GA X58a Ud3r)managed it to make it work : https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/e...oughts.120646/
01-18-2020 07:09 AM
m4shroom Hi guys.
I have gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 running with i7 920. I want to upgrade to xeon.Which xeon do you recomend for gaming ? Can I use ecc ram with this mobo ?_?

thx for your help ..
01-02-2020 11:22 AM
xxpenguinxx Maybe not enough VTT or the uncore is too high? I've a few RAM kits at 2000Mhz without an issue.
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