OCN – Through the Blue Fire and Flames

How is OCN doing?!
I see a lot of the layout hasn’t changed since I’ve last been here, which is great because the design is so cool. But I see a lot of new stuff too. Good to see the best enthusiast site on the web is doing well. I got into work early and figured I drop a line to see how its going.

Congratulations on the success of a lot of big OCN gathering events and official sponsorship. I remember when that stuff was something discussed and hoped for. The dream became a reality it seems.

Since the end of highschool and the whole trying to reinvent myself, I kind of was forced to put my enthusiast en-devours to the back seat and focus on graduating with scholarships, college, and just changing overall. And putting down some of the infamous arguments I used to have
I still talk about OCN and refer to classic posts like the mechanical keyboard guide to all my friends. I always love to pass on the legendary stories, works, and advice of Syrillian, may he rest in peace. People don’t believe me when I tell them at how amazing the response and support OCN gave was. Even I almost went to the funeral myself.

At our LAN parties and campus wide Gaming Day, I always get stares at my rig even in its poorest condition. Rolling it down the hallways of the student center is hilarious.

Good times here, and I hope it continues to prosper. Maybe I’ll start making more time to stop by and check things out more often. Maybe even attend one of those awesome events.


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