Overclock Labs – Community Review Program Overview for Industry Partners

Overclock Labs

Overclock Labs is a community product review program – reviews are written by talented community members who provide the kind of content their fellow enthusiasts want to read. These are technical product reviews for a technical audience, including coverage of performance measurements, overclocking, modding potential, and other aspects of a product which are important to a prospective enthusiast buyer.

We can provide you easy, direct access to community members who have been pre-screened for their technical expertise, communication skills, and availability to review your products. This makes it easy to get real opinions from real enthusiasts, shared and promoted on a major platform for hardware and gaming discussion.

Overclock Labs is launching in two phases over the remainder of 2015:

  • Phase 1 (In Progress): Product reviews at the reviewer’s location, targeting products which do not require a large ensemble of supporting hardware or specialty measurement equipment (examples being peripherals, displays, cases, graphics cards, etc). Professional photography resources are available via Wikia’s content team in San Francisco, as needed.
  • Phase 2: (In Planning): Assemble a physical lab in San Francisco with a full complement of test hardware, professional measurement equipment, extreme overclocking equipment, and photo / video production capabilities. Individual reviewers from the community will be flown to San Francisco to conduct high-profile or complex product reviews in our lab (examples being CPU / motherboard ensembles, power supplies, extreme cooling products, or live-streaming product launch events).

The general public announcement and more detailed overview of this program can be found here:

To participate as an industry partner, please contact labs-partner@overclocked.net via email and a member of our team will work with you to get started.

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