Overclocked Accounts

Overclocked Membership
Need a little more out of your account here at Overclock.net?

Now you can upgrade to the “Overclocked” package and receive the following:

Overclocked.net Email Address
– Webmail URL: mail.overclocked.net
– Gmail interface
– POP3 Email Access

Custom Member Title
– You will have the ability to change your title to anything (within the forum rules)

Ability to Remove Advertisements
– You will gain an option in your forum settings to turn off all standard banner and box advertisements

1 Month = $5.00
3 Months = $12.00
6 Months = $20.00
1 Year = $35.00
Complementary “Ongoing” Access = Free to anyone with 250 rep and have been at Overclock.net for 1 year.

Why does it cost money?
These additional services require additional resources to maintain them. These resources are measured in both time and money.

How to Order
– Please sign up via the Paid Subscriptions page
– Please email manager@overclock.net with your Overclock.net username and your desired email handle to ensure an Admin or GM can get you setup promptly

Fine Print
Overclock.net reserves the right to cancel this service for anyone at anytime – if found they are misusing the service. Refunds will not be given.

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