Overclocking Ram – Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600 C9 to 2400 C11

Hey guys, I’m new to the site! I just built my first rig from scratch, and of course pretty excited about OCing. I’ve been doing tons of benchmarks and FPS tests while overclocking my budget ram. Seen some great improvements overclocking this ram from 1600 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5V to 2400 11-13-13-35 @ 1.60V. However, I cannot seem to get past that threshold. I know I’ve already pushed this ram far more than it’s rated, but I was wondering if anyone’s been able to go further? I’ve tried both loosening the timings and increasing the voltage, and neither seems to be able to get the computer to boot when the ram is set to 2600Mhz.

Also, has anyone else gotten any tighter timings while keeping stability at 2400Mhz?

I’ve also gotten my HD 4600 graphics OC from the stock 600Mhz to 1650Mhz. Has anyone been able to push this further while keeping stability and comfortable temps (mine doesn’t tip 70C under load)? I honestly did it for the fun of it, but also to stretch my iGPU until I get a good graphics card. Between OCing the Ram and the iGPU, I seen minimum FPS increase close to 10fps.

Thanks guys smile.gif

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  1. Hi,
    Literally made an account to do this lol, i see you have had this post for quite some time lol, i was actually looking for any information on overclocking this set of ram, i build a new gaming rig and i was thinking of overclocking my ram, and now i know i can get 2400mhz out of it lol, thank you very much!

    Oh and my opinion is to keep pushing it until the heat gets too high then maybe turn it down a little just fiddle around a little and see how far you can push it, good luck!

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