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Hi there i have build my dream computer to play games and be a media converter i currently have a problem that i cant wrap my head around i have an issue where i am running at a vcc of 1.310 volts and load line at full and i am running prime95 and seem to be getting high temps compared to other over clockers considering the fans and hard ware in my case i thought i would be very cool as i have 3x200mm 1x230mm and then the 120mm at the back i have also got a cooler master v8 and with all fans running at max i get on core 1 73 degrees max and on core 3 the hottest core i get 81 degrees i am as i said currently running vcore at 1.310 volts and 4.5 ghz these temps are at full load i dunno what’s going on please some one shed some light on my situation


my pc

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  1. An air vacuum is much more important than fans and blowing air, try to max air out and no fans blowing in. This should cool the back of your motherboard better(2x the surface area). My friend has a case with those size and amount of fans, I have better cooling by far with 80mm = side pannel blowing out and one 120mm in the back blowing out also. (@ 5.3Ghz) and ALOT of people make the mistake that more voltage is better, less electrons = faster timing in the circuts, for the speed of light is absolute. But if you get a bad strike of a cpu and overclock it that heavily then it will need more voltage as it has lost many of thousands of transistors. hope this helps

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