Posting Guidelines for Hardware, Vendor, and Manufacturer Reps

We’re thrilled to have many representatives from companies in our industry participating within the forums. We ask that representatives keep the following information in mind when posting:

  1. Any representative from a relevant company may request a complimentary badge identifying them as a “Hardware Rep” or “Vendor Rep” within the forums. These complimentary accounts may be used to assist community members with support issues, but should not be used for any advertising or sales activity.
  2. Paid sponsorship programs (Manufacturer Forums, Vendor Partner Forums, or access to the Sponsor Press Releases forum) are available to provide a place for sponsors to share commercial content and interact directly with community members to advertise product and drive sales. Manufacturer and Vendor forums may also be used as a support resource, for product feedback, focus groups, etc.
  3. All representatives (both complimentary and paid sponsors) should limit their posting activity outside of sponsor-specific forum areas to reactive support only. Reps are welcome and encouraged to jump into discussions to address user support issues, provide direct answers to user questions on products or service, etc – but should not be making efforts to create discussion about their company’s specific products where there was not any or otherwise drive sales from standard forum threads.

For more general information, please contact Chipp ( General Manager) or send email to

To request a complimentary badge, please contact ENTERPRISE ( Forum Manager)

To discuss available options for Manufacturer Forums, Vendor Partner Forums, or Sponsor Press Release forum access, please contact our sales team via the following form:

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