Qosmio x70-75 Overheating Solutions

Do you want to play on your Qosmio without having overheating shut downs?
Do you want to play on your Qosmio without using a cooling pad?
This is the full article for not a working around the problem a SOLUTION by 2 steps only!
I will not be help responsible if anyone lacks the skills to do this, if you are a beginner show this article to a professional or experienced person to help you do it right!


The thermal paste that comes with the Qosmio laptop from Toshiba is simply ****! When I opened the heat sink the the paste was not only **** but it was also all over the CPU and the GPU it was a MESS! Change it without doubt!

I am pretty sure you heard about this almost everywhere you go, but non do actually understand how to do this right, by right I do not mean the correct spread method. I believe that the correct method of applying the thermal paste is achieved by trial and error. It is a lengthy process but in the end it is worth it.

Spread Method(s)

For the paste that I have used, I used Arctic Silver 5. Some people say that is the best out there on the market some disagree, but as I mentioned earlier the method of applying it is far more important than the compound itself. I tried using the half grain rice method, the vertical line, and the X-shape, the best method that worked out for me was the spread method. (After I did the spread method twice!!!) If you are using Arctic Silver 5 the temp drop initially is not much at all, around 3 or 4 degrees. Make sure that you use CPUID HWMoniter it has given me the most accurate temps so far. Speed Fan is a piece of crap do not use that!. Record the temps every spread method you do, DO NOT SETTLE FOR THE FIRST SPREAD! Keep trying different methods (even if you have to try the same method again!) Turn on your laptop put it under stress tests or play a game like battlefield 4, keep an eye on the temps!!

HWMonitor.jpg 124k .jpg file


– The change in temps will NOT be visible on IDLE!
– temps change WILL be visible under STRESS!


You really do need to wait for the cure time for it to complete. I have applied the thermal paste 3 days ago, I noticed the temps are dropping by 2-3 degrees daily since the cure time for my paste is 200 hours the drop in temps are going to be gradual.


For this part you need to download the tuning program Intel XTU (Xtreme Tuning Utility). Haswell CPUs are now given the luxury of undervolting.
Now please do understand that undervolting is the best thing you can do for you laptop. Since each CPU it has been given the default voltage required that it will run on notebooks and desktops by default. This is where the cool decreases dramatically!

A little more insight about undervolting for everyone to understand more clearly how does undervolting help!
Energy is NOT created NOR destroyed! It is simply transferred and converted into different forms.
An example.
Your mobile phone lets say takes in 1.5V. if you apply 2.0V to the mobile will not operate faster or at any higher performance, since the threshold of its power it has already been reached any excess voltage (energy) will need to escape, the only way that energy is capable of escaping is by heat!
That is why it is best to simply use the exact right amount of voltage that your CPU requires. This will NOT AFFECT performance! The performance will be just the same.

– Cooler
– Longer Battery Life
– Performance unchanged

– BSOD (which really does not harm your system in any way, just save your files)

Now here is what you are going to do…

https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?keyword=%22%22extreme+tuning+utility%22%22 Download and Install intel XTU from Intel’s website
– Open Intel XTU, go to core settings on the left panel.
– Look onto the top right of the window you will see Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset and a 0.0000000mV value.
– Click onto the 0.0000000mv value, decrease as a START -50mV then click apply on the far right pannel
– Every time you change a value, the far right panel showing the settings will be in a yellow font showing the change!
– Start the Stress test located on the left side panel under “Core” click on CPU and start the test

HWMonitor.jpg 124k .jpg file

IntelXTU 317k .jpg file

– Keep decreasing by -20mV and run stress tests every time you decrease the voltages on each increment (example -50mV then -70mV then -90mV) click apply every time you change the value which is located on the very far right pannel.
– Keep doing that until your system BSODs (Blue Screen of Death)
– Intel XTU will return to default settings (0.0000000mV) so just return to the same value you reached but instead of it being a decrease of -20mV make it 10mv and run a stress test (example system BSOD on -110mV, restart and place it on -100mV)
– If it BSOD again, Again decrease another 10mV and stress test until the system is stable.


Any further questions feel free to email me hkb04@mail.aub.edu I will be more than glad to be of help and will reply ASAP.

Do yourself the favor by keeping your laptop cool you will have a heavy duty laptop, the Qosmio is just too sexy and strong for it not to be a great laptop. Toshiba will not do these fixes as good as you will!! Trust me they are idiots over there! Remember that Toshiba has other stuff to do like fridges TVs etc… That is why you have better laptops that specialize in gaming and know what gamers need such as Asus (Amazing cooling system) and Alienware (the best yet most expensive there is)

17 thoughts on “Qosmio x70-75 Overheating Solutions”

  1. hello guys I would like to add an update, I repasted again the cpu using the line method and i got much better temps on load (65 degrees) with x34 multipliers unlike the usual 32x base multiplier that comes set in the laptop, if u guys r not getting results email me i will help u guys out immediately

  2. So grateful for this post! THANK YOU. I just bought a Qosimo x70 and I'm trying to optimize it, so I've begun to do your recommended undervolting instructions. Forgive me for my ignorance, but should this same manual undervolting strategy be applied for the Graphics, or just the Core?

  3. just the core, the graphics is just for the integrated graphics NOT the nvidia GTX770m, make sure that you just undervolt the “Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset” Another note you guys should know about, the rubber stands on the bottom of the laptop r too short, they dont allow enough air intake by the fan, my advice is to put a 2cm high object in the bottom middle front side of the laptop just to elevate it enough to take in air

  4. Yes, I thought the same thing about the rubber stands being too short; putting an object underneath does seem to help, but I think I'll probably get a laptop cooling pad for a more stable platform. Although maybe one of those, plus elevation, would be even better.

    I'm going to buy some RAM soon, then I'll see about opening it up and perhaps changing the thermal paste while I'm at it.

  5. The instructions are very clear, sure ill upload some pics or make a video for this….meanwhile is there anything specific that u might need my help with?

  6. Well, I am a visual learner. So seeing what I need to take off does wonders for me. I can read and read, but if I don't see it, I just have a hard time “learning”

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  7. Hahaha I see what u mean, so u basically need to change the thermal paste im guessing need a quick guide on disassembling ur qosmio. Im not home now to fix up a video on how to do it. If it means anything there isnt much to learn on how to take it apart, all the screws are from the bottom nothing from the keyboard side will be touched…if there is anything confusing it would be just to make sure the hard drives are removed before u take the whole backplate out
    P.S. no worries

  8. ahh ok sweet. That I can “see” I am going to do this tomorrow I think. I have some AS5 That makes things so much easier. This is a great laptop, but sick of it overheating, and my thumb melting.

  9. AS5 is insane, just a little heads up I used the vertical line method worked best with my temps, did u try undervolting it at least that is the quickest and best results in temp drops

  10. Undervolting should give you a great drop in temperature it would stop it from overheating and shutting down, use thermal paste if you want really cool temps. After all the lower the better. Good luck if u need anything else I will gladly help out.

  11. So you repasted the laptop and got better temps? Pfft… I coulda told you to do that. That's what most of us do anyway. I had the Qosmio X505 and my temps plummeted after I repasted. Though, AS5 is VERY outdated and VERY overrated. IC Diamond is the best thing to use at the moment…

  12. Hello. I got x870. It just overheats with even Dota 2. I can play it without problem with my old desktop which has Core 2 Duo Cpu and 2 gb ram. But when i open it with my Qosmio, it just overheats after 10 min. I sended it to Toshiba 3 times, they send it back to me without solving the problem everytime. Im trying to do it your way but i cant tune anything with Intel XTU. And i cant found Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset either. Can you help me about it. My Intel XTU version is

  13. im guessing u have x870 that comes with a core i7-3610QM, thing is you can not undervolt that processor from Intel XTU, haswel CPUs have voltage change option unlocked unlike ivy bridge (which is yours) there are other ways to undervolt your CPU, remember i started out just like you, youtube and search ways how to undervolt a ivy bridge CPU. here is a list of things you need to check out before u start gaming
    1. make sure the vents are clean inside out
    2. if your rubber stands at the bottom of the laptop r low, elevate it by using a small object to allow more in (or use a cooling pad)
    3. clear out at least 6 inches of space from the vent.

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