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A lil background about the topic just to get things clear.
This article towards: Old school players who have played enough 1.6 (Competitively, Played Lans (Won titles) etc) and towards the Nerds/Geeks who are expert in this matter. New Players or inexperienced this is not for you. Thanks in advance for the replies.

For Trolls: (No, it’s not about a bad aim, I’ve played Lan competitively and my aim is not anywhere around bad).

In csgo, (MouseMovementRecorder) will always show green/red colors no matter what kind of:-
-Mouse Fixes
-Launch Options
-Mouse Settings

Why? Okay.. I get it because of the repositioning thingy etc etc. fine. However, when CSGO was first launched cursor didn’t feel as some would describe it “floaty” or “not following hand motion” etc. It felt a lot better than currently. Wherein, RINPUT.EXE felt okay similar to how it used to feel in 1.6. After few updates, RINPUT.EXE started to feel exactly like m_rawinput 1(which arguably not preferred by all pro players). Thus, for me (I played CSGO since it was launched, and I switched to m_rawinput 0 just to get a responsive mouse movement). However, then I started getting the comments where FPS/Monitor HZ will interfere with the mouse movement in-case of FPS fluctuation etc.

Now, one thing I’m pretty sure about is before they update last update of 1.6 where the function (m_rawinput was introduced, along with m_customaccel m_customaccel_m_mousespeed m_mouseaccel1 m_mouseaccel2, etc etc), RINPUT.EXE used to work perfectly. And this (could) be the reason why RINPUT.EXE or m_rawinput don’t function properly.

Things I have tried in the past:
-Mouse Fixes: MarckC
-LO: (-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd) (-useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd) a long with some other combinations. And also without any of them.
-RINPUT.EXE as previously mentioned.
And yet none of those things feel like when CSGO was first launched or like 1.6 (before the update)

It’s not much of a deal breaker but I think as many gamers who strive for perfection, good mouse-movement is kinda important for a good gaming experience. There is no fun when you can’t hit or land your shots when you know it’s not a mouse-issue or mouse-setting or mouse-mat or other combinations that other people might reply with when you mention this problem.

Notes: I checked profiles of pro aimers like (Shox,Scream,Rain & Krimz):
-Shox uses: m_rawinput 1 m_mousespeed 1 m_mouseaccel_exponent 1 (No idea about noforce commands)
-Scream uses: m_rawinput 1 m_mousespeed 0 m_mouseaccel_exponent 1.05 (noforce commands not used)
-Rain uses: m_rawinput 1 m_mousespeed 1 m_mouseaccel_exponent 1.05 (No idea about noforce commands)
-Krimz uses: m_rawinput 1 m_mousespeed 0 m_mouseaccel_exponent 0 (No idea about noforce commands)

Maybe all of those players use m_raw 1, but there are also gr8 players like NBK,XIZT and others who don’t use.
Also, mouse fixes and noforce commands are not available by all of them.

-Constructive feedback based on trials.

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