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HTPC box - used for Plex and Emulation.
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop
Trying to bin more 10900K and build a custom loop eventually w/ direct-die block, lol.
I use this PC for basically everything which includes work, programming, gaming, streaming on twitch, and streaming music and movies.
In the laptop world, Ryzen 4000 APUs based on Zen 2 has been an overwhelming and unexpected success for AMD to the point where laptop ODMs and OEMs were in short supply of these in mid-2020. Meanwhile, I was looking for a new laptop to upgrade from my Len
Main Rig - waiting on my 3080 Strix to complete the build.
FreeNAS 11.3 OS server operating as a NAS with redundancy. The ZFS file system provides checksums and self-heals and is simply the best file system there is for data integrity currently. The hardware is a server platform based on Xeon architecture and the
Second build, went with Intel just in time for Ryzen to be the better choice. I'm always behind trends.