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Lots of RAM, very cool.
Leaps and bounds above my 8350 build I ran for 7 years. Hopefully this build lasts me another 7+.
This is my first all MSI build, I wasn't planning on going all one brand kind of just happened that way. I was a Intel guy after AMD launched the 5000 series chips and I heard about the potential there I decided to abandon my 10700k/MSI 2070 SUPER build and go all in on AMD let me tell ya it...
"Supercharged" Gaming PC
Main rig updated with Alder Lake
Continuing evolution of my 2nd/spare desktop
Custom air cooled desk PC
It all started with a bargain offer of a TT Core P3 case... and ended in insanity!
Zen3 + Ampere • White Theme (w/ pics)
Built this in September 21' and it's been great. I use this to game daily but I'm currently working on a solid baseline before I start my Overclocking Adventure.
Computers names : Ms Moneypenny with 3900x Upgraded to 5900x, named lambs respite
Got my hands on the board for cheap and it was downhill from there..